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Posted by gardleopard | Feb 26, 2011 @ 06:40 AM | 4,319 Views
My Polaris is now ready for her maiden.

Motor A2212-6
ESC 40A mystery
3x SG90 Servos
3s 2150 25C rhino lipo
Weight 20.65 ounces (AUW).

I'm planning to sand and paint her if the maiden is a success. The weight unpainted is a tad higher than I hoped for, so I'm a tad worried about performance after paint.

I have added bamboo bbq sticks to LE to make it stronger and give it a simple "airfoil" at the same time.
Posted by gardleopard | Feb 10, 2011 @ 03:40 PM | 3,593 Views
Today my brand new simple delta had her maiden in the moonlight with her lights on. It was kinda hard to trim her because she wanted to dive and it felt more complicated to trim in the dark. After I got her trimmed out she flew beautiful, loops, inverted loops and fast rolls. When the battery started to feel weaker I took her inn for a high alpha or what its called landing. I stopped the motor when she was about 20 cm above ground and let the nose fall into the snow. I got some snow in to the receiver or esc in the front, so I couldn't fly more than that battery. She is now standing in the hall, drying up

My setup
Motor: Turnigy C2230 1780KV
ESC: 10A brushless
Servos: HXT500
prop: EP70x35

I've got 20 leds on my SD for night flying. I can switch them on and off with the TX gear channel. They are driven from the RX by a modified servo circuit.

Night flying 5.4.2011 (hatcam)
Simple Delta night flight (Hatcam) (9 min 23 sec)

Ground test before flight.
Simple delta ready to fly (1 min 27 sec)
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