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Posted by edwen303 | Jan 07, 2013 @ 12:37 PM | 5,536 Views
Hindthought about Concorde:

It would be nice to build a bigger, twin 64mm or twin 70mm EDF, larger scale, with retract and nose-dropping features. Of course, make her nose and/or tail detachable for transport.

She is fairly easy to fly even underpowered. I learned to turn her without losing too much altitude. It is better to lose some speed than to lose altitude. Airfoil should not be that complicated. Even flat airfoil should be fine, although I did carve some undercamber right behind the LE.

My build is a little too heavy so I add some power for landing. Well which manufactured EDF don't need power for landing? At least most of mine EDF need power to land anyway.

I use the nose from a foam glider as Concorde nose, all the rest mainly use Blue-cor, 6mm Depron with carbon rod reinforcement for only v-stab. Peel off the skin from the Blue-cor makes it easier to glue and bend.

The wing is mainly glued together from overlaid two sheets of Blue-cor, with three reinforcements across the wing. On top of this, I use one 3 feet long ~10mm diameter CF tube to reinforce the fuse. The full scale is so long that the passengers sitting at both ends of the plane can see the bending of the fuse when the plane was turning at speed. I use nichrome wires to join the CF tube and the CF strip. I used bamboo skewers to reinforce the front part of the wing, to save the cost.

The blue-cor sheets were prebent to feature the famous Concorde anhedral. I use a rod with ~2"...Continue Reading