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Posted by adma20 | Feb 03, 2010 @ 01:18 PM | 3,566 Views
I was wondering if any of you fly foamies and other electrics in Arlington TX area?
I go to the University of Texas at Arlington and I have been in the hobby for a year now. I have been flying profile foamies and scratch built depron planes. I often fly at UTA field next to the baseball stadium. It is a great location with plenty of space. UTA police are cool about flying there, as they have watched me fly in the past. I guess I would like to know where other pepole fly, and socialize a bit... I would really like to get motivated and inspired by other people's skills.
Posted by adma20 | Feb 01, 2010 @ 07:50 PM | 3,588 Views
This plane is a modified version, you can find the original here:

The plane is made of 6 mm depron. Wing is reinforced with a carbon tube that is epoxied into the middle layer. All of the electronics came from Ebay, meaning they are chineese copies of other products. So far they have been working great. The motor and ESC have about 4 hrs of flight time put on them and they have been performing very consistently. The motor/ESC/prop saver/motor mount set was bought for $15 including shipping and it performs like its more expensive versions. Servos came form the same source, I bought six of them for $15, so $2.50 per servo.
The LiPo batteries were originaly bought for my Lama v3 heli but are a good fit for this application. However, a three cell would have been better with more thrust, something to look into.
LG is made of 2mm carbon fiber rods. Push rods are 1.5 mm carbon rods.
Prop: Slofly 10 x 4.7
Motor: 1500 kv no name brand
ESC: 20 Amp no name brand
Battery: 7.4v 900 mah LiPo
Servos: 4g x 3
Rx: AR6200
Tx: Dx5e
AUW: 12...Continue Reading