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Posted by beenflying | Apr 10, 2012 @ 10:03 PM | 12,933 Views
Here are some pictures of my FBL fleet. I now have an X2, X5 and 500ESP SDC added, and also some heads have been lowered, since the January 2012 picture. The 550E is now running the Hobbymate HB800 (instead of the Align 3G), and the 450 Pro is using the 3GY v2. The 550E also now has a new canopy (my first with green) and yellow tail fins, to make it a bit more visible in flight. So far I really like it.

New to the fleet is a Walkera Super CP, an ALZRC Devil 450 FAST, and a 700E DFC HV. The Devil 450 is running a VCTRC 3GX (no resemblance to the Align 3GX) which flies well, and the 700DFC HV is flying a MSH iKon running at 7.4 volts. The iKon also flies well. IT has a self level feature, but as yet I'm not seeing any benefit from this, as I'm unlikely to have time to activate it before I crash. If I lost the tail it could be a benefit, as it would keep the heli level all the way to the ground.

All my ZYX's and ZYX-S' are now updated to v4 which has made the ZYX a very comparable gyro to the BeastX. Piro optimize is now actually better than the BeastX, and more like the 3GY v2 and the iKon. Great work from Tarot.

23rd October 2013:
One more FBL heli has been added to the FBL fleet (photo pending). The Gaui X3. I'm getting to like this heli more and more. It flies much bigger than a 450 and looks a lot bigger as well. Gaui have had a few hiccups, but are working through them. I'm running mine on 6S and it has good power.The tail drive is a bit noisy, but bearable, and...Continue Reading