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Posted by smack450 | Jan 01, 2016 @ 07:33 AM | 3,765 Views
Hi Guys,

I have been playing with boats for a few months now and have become quite addicted.

I started with a Joysway Offshore Warrior, then took a chance and Bought a DTRC Mini Little Pepper, which turned out the most amazing and best little boat I have ever seen. I highly recommend this brand, you will not be disappointed.
I then bought a TFL Genesis and after 4 runs I stripped it, carbon fibered it and upgraded everything from RC Boat Bitz, just need a longer pushrods and that project is complete.

I have just this past week bought a DTRC E36 Vee as well as a DTRC Asura 2 mono, both of which are very nice, good quality boats with very good quality hardware and fiber fitment as stock. No need to up grade any hardware.
Again I highly recommend DTRC Boats!!!

Just today I got the Mono on the water and it's very fast stock, what I am needing help with is getting it to turn smoothly.

Attached is a picture of the angle of the turn fin as it was in the attached video...

Any advise is welcome.

DTRC H750 Asura 2 Mono RC Boat Self Righting (2 min 32 sec)