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Posted by RC_Bomber24 | Mar 17, 2010 @ 06:19 PM | 1,895 Views
This is a plane i got for $10 at an Rc flee market a few days back. When i got it the body had a few cracks and needed to be fixed but with 3 days of on and off work its almost as good as new. Its ready for its first flight as soon as the ground is dry enough to walk on...... The nose con i still have to re-cover but i was able to add the nice blue color to the top of the gray body. Anyways this is my first slope style plane i have ever owned or even flew so I'm a little nervous but very exited as well. I have the perfect slope picked out at "Bradford Reservoir, Warrington, Bucks, Pennsylvania" its around 150 feet tall and 300 yards long with what I'm guessing to be a 30 or 40 degree angle. So here are some photos so let me know what you think of it! Also i will post again later about its first flight! Oh and last thing... where the edge of my finger tips are in the last photo should that be the balance point for a 2.5 pound slope plane?

(size of wing = 50 inches)