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Posted by byxnplanes | Nov 19, 2010 @ 04:31 PM | 3,462 Views
Here's a (not so) brief Mod List for my planes... If anyone wants details on anything here, PM me and I'd love to share.

GWS Beaver: -Super Cub wing shaved down 3/4" on both wing tips
-bolt on wings (2 in front, one in back). 2 little wooden beams bracing across the fuselage compartment to thread the wing bolts into.
-2 cell Lipo/brushless setup with 8X6 prop and my specialty home made "pill bottle" motor mount
-fiberglass done on front half of plane, inside the cowl and on the Vertical/Horizontal stabs.
-hand bent landing gear wire, big ass 5 spoke wheels, and ply wheel pants (fully glassed over)
-Red LED light strips along both sides of the fuse and on top of both wing tips
-White LED light strips on the underside of wings. (all LEDs wired to main 2cell Lipo)
-More lights shoved into the cowl
-2 tone acrylic paint job: Burnt orange and Beachcomber beige.
-Work is sometimes in progress and ongoing...

FreeWing Hellcat:(Tragically lost to a faulty DX5)
-Crashed over 15 times before a "real fix job" so LOTS of glue EVERYWHERE
-every control surface is attached with nylon hinges.
-CF rod from wingtip to wingtip, crossing through the fuse, and covered over
-CF strips on the LE of both wings to restore the straight edge after said crashes, glue to fill in the periodic voids behind the straight edge.
-Fiberglassing done on fuse, from firewall to an inch behind the wing and overlaps some of each wing.
-ply fire wall (no fire wall...Continue Reading
Posted by byxnplanes | Nov 19, 2010 @ 02:46 PM | 3,550 Views
Operational Planes at the moment:

-DuraFly Spitfire
-ERC B-25 Apache Princess (Rebuilt free-bee from my friend's devistating crash)
-Tian Sheng FW-190
-GWS Beaver

Projects in Progress, Patiently Waiting, and Failed Projects:

-PZ P-47 with home made razor back and canopy (almost air-worthy)
-Scratch Built Sopwith Camel (Fuse done, waiting for attachment of EPO steerman wings)
-Fiberglassed Original PZ Spit with retractsFAIL...Continue Reading