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Posted by sapperman | Dec 23, 2012 @ 10:14 PM | 2,775 Views
Ok everyone I know there are several blogs on building Flight Boxes, but none of them provides designs and dimensions. I’m building a larger flight box with a 12v 24 MS-6 Marine Battery and a 1.5 amp trickle charger. I will provide the designs at the end of this build. All suggestions are greatly appreciated. So far the BOM is as follows:
2 each, 2’x’4 x ½” sheet of oak
4 each, Auxiliary Power sources… to charge LiPo’s or any other batteries.
1 Ever Smart 24 MS-6 Marine Battery
1 chicago Electric (from Harbor Freight & Tool) 1.5 amp Electronic onboard battery charger/maintenance
1 box ring connectors
5 each, ¼” x 1/4” x 2’ long pine wood
5 each, ½” x ½” x 2’ long pine wood
1 tower hobbies deluxe power panel 12V
1 box 50 each 6x 5/8 wood screws
1 set of hasps
1 bottle of Gorilla wood glue.