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Posted by Angeljesus1mtz | May 04, 2011 @ 09:53 PM | 4,315 Views
Its been quite windy here in Davis, so I decided to finish my E-starter. I have decided to make few modifications to the original plane, since I really like the way these planes fly with their original setups. The only modifications I did was put foam tires on the landing gear, and instead of using the tiny wing pegs that the instructions suggest, I switched it out for the more robust ones that come with the parts set. I'm please with the way this plane came out, what a BEAUTY! the only mistake I did was using dubro nylon hinges instead of the cloth ones, which made the rudder and elevator stiffer than what I was going for, and I could only find 2 inch tires, to small for my taste. other than that, I'm excited to see this baby fly! ...Continue Reading