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Posted by Angeljesus1mtz | Jan 18, 2011 @ 10:07 PM | 2,897 Views
Hello there everyone,
its been a long time since I've posted in my blog for quite some time. but since my last post, my fleet of airplanes has grown 3 fold into a wonderful fleet of foamies, with the exception of one balsa Im saving for when I feel sure i can fly it. As you probably all know, its hard not to purchase kits and planes now a days. They are inexpensive, great fliers, and I have to say, really easy to fix. so after I built my Soarstar, I was so amazed by how slow and predictable it flew, that I went and just started buying more!!! My collection now consists of:

(2) SkyFly 2
GWS beaver
GWS Pico Stick FD
GWS Slow Stick
(2) GWS Tigermoth 400
GWS Pico Tigermoth
GWS Funny Park
GWS E-Starter
Wattage MiniMax Blue
Wattage MiniMax
Wattage CAP 232

However, I dont fly all of these planes, some are kits, and I bought some of them with the excuse that I would teach my father (who loves planes as much as I do) how to fly. these also other planes i bought for my family, simple two channels for them to practice on, and get hooked. Yet, the sheer fact that in over a year, my collection of planes went from just 2 planes, ( soarstar, and that crappy Chinese Sonic Sabre which is long gone) to 14 planes is astonishing!!

Ive learned so much this past year, and hope to keep on learning, so that I can continue flying in this great hobby!!!!!!!!