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Posted by Angeljesus1mtz | Jan 20, 2010 @ 07:03 PM | 4,297 Views
first let me say hello to everyone in my first blog post.
now down to business.

I have recently bought a Sonic Sabre 2 off ebay for 13 dollars. however, after receiving it, I did a little research on the plane itself. all of the reviews I have seen for this plane are bad, and all mention one fatal flaw, it nose dives into the ground. Upon inspection, I noticed that the hole in the back of the plane makes it so that the air coming out of the plane points down. meaning that the plane might have a propensity to just fly down.

has anyone else flown this plane without any modifications to the plane?

I'm going to experiment with the plane a little to try to see if i cant fix its nose dive tendencies without having to heavily modify the plane. pics and updates to come.

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