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Posted by ohsnap | Feb 23, 2013 @ 04:34 AM | 9,099 Views
Here are the upgrades to my 130x. Great little heli out of the box however does require some much needed attention on certain components to improve overall flight performance. The major area for improvement was the tail, specifically the tail pitch slider which has a tremendous amount of slop and prone to breaking off the pin in normal flight. I found the stock inrunner a bit underpowered, ran quite hot and pretty inefficient compared to most outrunners.

Anyways here are the modifications otherwise upgrades. I will note I'm not a fan of "bling", can't stand it actually. With that said, all mods competed were for function not fashion.

Motor: HP08S 8000kv w/ 10t pinion - lighter, way more power over stock, efficient and pretty hard to bog. Doesn't come down hot and can run packs back to back without the sag. Using stock esc running 90% flat TC. Swapped stock motor/esc connectors with micro 3-pin oversky and mini jst.

Head: Lynx Ultra Dampeners - POM bushing and elastomer combo. Really improved cyclic response. Also swapped stock rubber o-rings with silicone o-rings on swash and main grip ball links. This mod alone will remove all the slop on the swash resulting in the loss of those annoying head shakes in FFF with higher head speeds.

Tail: DS35 servo, 4G6 tail pitch lever, Lynx tail case, pitch slider and CF TT, straight CF tail rod - Used the MH DS35 mount with a 4G6 pitch lever and relocated the tail control rod to the top of the boom. Used 1mm CF for...Continue Reading