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Diatone #18 jps

Posted by Kaffine | Aug 28, 2014 @ 04:29 AM | 6,303 Views
Welcome to the Diatone #18 Build thread

First of all thanks to Buzz Hobbies for the donation of the frame.

The build components consist of:
Diatone #18 Black and Gold Frame Buzz Hobbies
Cobra CM2204/2300 motors Buzz Hobbies
ZTW 12A ESC's (SimonK) BoltRC
FrSky X8R Rx
OpenPilot CC3D F/C
HQ 5x3x3 Props

Diatone #18 B&G frame seems to be fibre composite build with added PDB for ESC's. The arms have a dual bolt connection but I've pulled the arms out and have only attached the one bolt.

Here is indication of what clearance and soldering angle is required if using both arm bolts

The PCB board allows the connection of the ESC power leads to the main frame
And the ESC Motor leads to the arms, also the Motor leads are attacked to the end of the arms aleaviating the need for exposed wires on the arm, NOTE: if using both bolts to attach the arm to the frame you must solder the ESC leads on a 90deg up angle so they don't foul on the frame

The frame allows for small and medium size Flight Controllers. Make sure you attach the F/C standoffs to the PDB before you connect the bottom plate as this we restrict access to the bolts.

As this picture depicts I have used only the one bolt on the arms and have extended them out to allow for 6x3 props, this...Continue Reading