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Posted by buechelr | Dec 16, 2010 @ 03:27 PM | 2,099 Views
Just thought I would post my opinion to spread the word. It is now my personal endeavor to reform the way people do business in the classified section, specifically sellers asking buys to use the "gift" option when using paypal. I want everyone to know this:

When the buyer uses paypal as a gift the buyer eats the 3% instead of the seller so its the same amount of money either way. Not to mention the buyer then forfeits their buyer protection rights, for instance if I dont get the plane I paid for, I cant start a claim through paypal because as far as they are concerned, I sent the money as a "gift". Personally i would never do a deal online using paypal as a gift, why not just add the 3% into the asking price.
Posted by buechelr | Nov 28, 2010 @ 09:42 PM | 1,971 Views
Im relatively new to the hobby. Only been flying for about 1 year at the time of this post, however I have thousands of flying hours. I got into RC because my friend pestered me for months to sink the cash into a plane and come fly with him. I started on a PZ corsair which was rough to say the least. After a month or so of flying almost every day (and a couple major repairs) I became proficient enough to fly around and not crash every day. Fast forward a year and I have multiple electrics and one nitro CG cub that I built myself with no assistance that I am very proud of. I have learned a lot in the last year and have recently discovered the joys of flying at my local club and how much fun it is to hang around other RC'ers. If anyone has a question for me feel free to ask, I am new but have a decent amount of knowledge, most of which I gleamed off of endless hours reading on rcgroups! My advice to everyone is to read extensively on any endeavors you are thinking about embarking on, It will save you from nasty surprises later on. And go find your local club! As much as I feared being "the new guy", I found my fears were unjustified. I was welcomed with open arms and a wealth of knowledge. Happy flying!