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Posted by DrFragnasty | Jun 20, 2012 @ 03:41 AM | 5,725 Views
Just returned from Jerilderie 2012.

Superb weather on 4 days. Early fog on Sunday made for a 9:45am start but genrally it was ideal. That's 3 yrs in a row that it's been good. Don't mention 2009 (7 rounds flown and almost all in fog).

Key to placing high up in the rankings (I finished mid-table) is a willingness to dork your model in.

Generally they can take a head-on dork but get it wrong and hit a wing tip and you'll incur damaging stress. The other key tip is to run insane landing flap deflection and have a 1800g 4 m model and the dorks then are less violent.

I did 2 dorks and cringed but got the points. I shared a 1000 pointer with Steve Keep. Great flight where I milked a mild 100ft wandering thermal for 5 mins then came in to nail a 99 point landing. My krew were watching and I heard them let out a sigh when I lost the core and stalled only to recover and win. Beating Dave Hobby in that flight with the full-carbon 2.22Kg Xploder that he sold me was nice too ;0) It still has his signature on the wing tip! Thanks big fella.

DLG sucked. I missed a round due to battery probs. My B2 with repaired wing flew well but it took until the very last round for me to work out the launch trim (more reflex and down elevator trim and zooooooom! )

I just need to practice the launch and get familiar with the rules and I'll bury a few halo pilots. Nobody told me you had to land after 5 mins in the last down! I maxed-out and landed on 8 mins while everyone twiddled their thumbs ;0)

Flew the Ceres after the event and the air was still buoyant. Growing to like the Ceres but still need a FOSA Lift to be competitive I reckon.

Congrats to Bernie Sizer for equal 3rd; his best position ever.