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Posted by DrFragnasty | Jun 25, 2006 @ 03:53 AM | 7,868 Views
After fixing the Furio (snapped fuz in 2 places, tailplane pivot, both pushrods, smashed 1 tip) and dialling in the MC-24 I had a great day launching like a demon!

The evo9 was good but the MC-24 is better. I spent AGES working out the evo9 (like 6 mnths) and the MC-24 took 2 weeks with a little guidance from fellow SEAT members, Bruce and Steve.

I now have 4 flight phases, crow with elevator comp dialled in (perfectly..I actually caught the beast! and that's with zero wind) the launch is about 10mm down flap and aileron with a 10% down elevator comp. and the throttle stick has enough travel for a healthy dose of reflex for the zoooooooom.

It zooms to the moon!

As for the speed runs; with 3 mm reflex and no ballast in no wind and no lift conditions it went like a bullet train. I can't wait to try it in summer conditions with ballast.

I might try to couple ailerons and flaps in the speed phase for a bit more purchase in the turns.

I love the Furio! The wing spar is starting to show thru the skin and I've had to add 3 oz of lead in 1 wing tip (to counter the repair I did) so it's a tad heavier but still tracks well.

I wouldn't get another now that the Crossfire is out and the Radical is shaping up well, but if 1 came up 2nd hand I'll grab it!

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Chris aka DrFragnasty