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Posted by DrFragnasty | Feb 14, 2006 @ 07:16 AM | 8,735 Views
Renovating house. Sparky arrived this am. to do the electricals on my workshop.

The workshop is a cross between a Northrop Research Lab and my lounge. It's gonna be wicked!

I have a pivotelli to go in, a vac pump system, LCD monitor fed from digital set-top box & internet access. Have to get an engineer in to sign-off on the post removal/ beam reinforcement (there's a rotten support in the middle of the workshop that's going)

And not much flying ;0( The weather hasn't cooperated...this summer in Tassie has been north-north east! It's unflyable.

Thinking seriously of fitting an Escape for electrickery. brushless, LiPos etc.

And I'm spent.