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Posted by Broose27 | Jan 09, 2013 @ 09:39 PM | 4,306 Views
It just struck me that next week will be 3 years since I first flew an rc model plane - an Electrafun XP, at the local soccer ground with family to witness. I'd practiced on the Phoenix simulator, and hand-launched it for a successful series of circuits then belly landed near my feet. The adrenalin rush was cool as, and I was soon into 800mm and 1000mm RTF foamies purchased cheaply, using only their supplied chargers.

The rest is probably a typical story: bought more lipos, a decent charger, a secondhand 2-stroke nitro trainer, moved into programmable transmitter (DX6i) and standardised rx's, then to DX7, 4-stroke nitros and so on...

About 12 months into the hobby I started logging the flights and airtime, and I've continued to do this since then, as I moved into those lipo electrics, larger electric warbirds, nitro trainers and nitro scale models and warbirds.

I spent some time totalling the models flown since then, excluding the Art Tech and Skyartec Cessna 182's, the Efun XP, Art Tech Corsair, and other small foamies still hanging in my shed.

The totals at 31 December 2013 were:

Durafly SE5a (EP) - 97 flights
Black Horse Eagle 40 - 81
Thunder Tiger Easy Trainer 40 - 117
FMS/Airfield 1400m P-51 (EP) - 128
FMS/Airfield 1400m Corsair (EP) - 93 (gone in OFR incident October)
TWM Mach II (2 planes) - 53
82" Cub with first 4-stroke - 36
TWM T-34 - 34
VQ Models Sea Fury - 14
Durafly Vampire (EP) - 32
Hyperion Extra (EP) - 26
Hangar 9 Alpha trainer - 36

This is pretty much two years, and excludes those other smaller models when I was "learning" (do we ever stop??). It also doesn't include others flying my trainers on the buddy box.

Averaging at least 7 flights per week ain't too bad, and confirms what a $%#@ infectious hobby this is!!

If my wife reads this I'm a dead man.
Posted by Broose27 | Jan 09, 2013 @ 08:08 PM | 4,016 Views
Last winter I bought a secondhand Dynam Catalina from a fellow who had built, flown and reviewed it for an rc magazine.

It was a bargain, and I know it was assembled very well and in excellent condition.

Unfortunately, although I have tons of lipo's for this beast and others (2200 3S), the nearest place to fly is a large pond at a housing development, which ironically used to be the former site of the Swan Hill Model Aero Club until the early 1990's. With everyone now on a health kick, there are too many people walking, running and riding to make that a viable dawn option.

Lake Boga is 15km away, so I'd need to be sure the weather conditions are worth the trip.

As a result, I've had one aborted flight on a too-windy day and before I'd checked the throws on the elevator/ailerons (rookie mistake). Bugger me if the thing didn't zoom vertical then get caught by the wind and find itself up a massive gum tree. All videoed by the wife peeing herself laughing (sent it to Funniest Home Videos - haven't seen it yet!). With the help of the kids climbing the tree and sticks thrown, I got it down with some damage but easily repaired and ready to go again. That was in October....

So last night I decided to head out early today and fly it off the grass at a local footy ground, where there were no walkers etc. Tested everything again on the back lawn and cycled the lipos, the loaded the car.

Wake up early, drive the 5 mins to the fairly remote footy ground, no one there -...Continue Reading
Posted by Broose27 | Jan 03, 2013 @ 09:06 PM | 3,568 Views
Despite the heat, 8 SHMAC members got out at various times with various models for a fly since the silly season began. Dawn until 10am has been the preferred time due to forecast heat, and the wind and thermals have been a bit ornery during the middle of the day anyway.

We've had a couple of early evening flights, but most blokes are spending time at the pool or lake.

I picked up a secondhand Black Horse T-28 Trojan, 60-size which only needs a engine mount to get my ASP 91 4-stroke in it, and I swapped the ASP 61 2-stroke in the Sea Fury for an OS 61SF which is easier to tune.

Has been fun tinkering with planes beside the pool while the family relaxes...just about checked every model in the shed, replacing nets and clevises and checking connections and props.
Posted by Broose27 | Dec 10, 2012 @ 10:36 PM | 3,730 Views
The month since the last update has featured windy weekends and great workday weather, which has meant not much flying.

The local grain harvest has been pretty good, but that also kept a few blokes busy and unable to get to the field.

Even this weekend the forecast is pretty crap, so hopefully the silly season break pumps out some mild and calmer days.

Got my replacement Mach II Skyraider going in the last few weeks when I have scammed a fly - bought it for $75 built and including the engine. Already chalked up nearly 20 tanks. One of these was my first nitro, so a sentimental favourite until I smashed it this time last year.

Had the pleasure of taking a few models over to the friendly blokes at Echuca Moama Model Aero Club last Thursday - Brian and the two Bruce's had a great time flying a mixture of nitros and electrics on a pretty good day (for once). The EMMAC set up is great, and except for the flies, it was a ripper afternoon. Flew a few tanks in the Mach II, the new HK Hurricane, and the Durafly Vampire EDF.

Cross your fingers we all get some air time this weekend!
Posted by Broose27 | Oct 31, 2012 @ 07:45 PM | 3,695 Views
After we'd all recovered from the electric fun fly, and a weekend of wind following it, last Sunday was fantastic.

8 members plus a few of our kids, and included 2 new members who joined up after the electric show.

A variety of models on show - I flew my VQ Sea Fury with the ASP 61, the Cub with the ASP 61 4-stroke, the Durafly Vampire and the trusty Alpha 40 trainer - some buddy box flights with newbies. Wardy had an electric arvo, with his PZ Stinson, the BNF taxi thing he won in the raffle, plus some recent ebay purchases - lots of giggling there. Brett brought his Hangar 9 P-51 out, so we fly that with him on the box again, and also gave his 10 year old son a go on the trainer. Zac had his PZ ME-109, but the lipo was faulty so we gave him some nitro trainer time on the box as well.

Greg, Scott and John and others all came out for a quiet look and a laugh - it was great warm but clear weather, and some thermals to challenge you if you didn't choose your landing wisely.

Sort of a long weekend for the Melbourne Cup, and looking at two sessions out there, so dusting off some models that haven't had a run lately.

Have ordered a 90-size FW-190 for the ASP 91 4-stroke I bought some time ago, and also scored a secondhand Hellcat on eBay to use the gear from my departed Corsair, plus (finally) a replacement Mach II Sky Raider for the one that suffered from my stupidity and reversed ailerons last year!

Keen to have some tinkering time while waiting for the heat to disappear, so I should be right with that lot...
Posted by Broose27 | Oct 17, 2012 @ 01:06 AM | 3,667 Views
My beloved FMS 1400mm Corsair was the victim of OFS at the fun fly, so I have a pile of foam and all the electronics.

If anyone out there has a grey navy scheme one they'd like to offload, I'm keen!

Hoping to find a surplus one before buying a newbie.

Not sure where to post in the heap of Classified options in rcgroups, so starting here...
Posted by Broose27 | Oct 15, 2012 @ 07:22 PM | 3,365 Views
The members of SHMAC can't thank everyone enough for travelling from all over the place to the AEFA electric show.

Having the heli guys here was fantastic, and we'd welcome any feedback on making it better for those guys - we'd love to host a dedicated 3D heli show at some stage!

Thanks also to the volunteers who pitched in, brought extra supplies from town and helped out. Our little club of 15 members had 8 in attendance for most of the weekend and everyone's better halves and kids helped out as well. Two BBQ breakfasts, two BBQ lunches, and one huge spit roast dinner, plus the canteen rocking all weekend kept us busy. Even re-stocking the toilet paper, emptying the numerous rubbish bins and fuelling generators kept us on our toes....

Over 70 flyers were registered (we counted 150 people at the field Saturday), we had great weather, tons of funny stories, amazing aircraft and skills, and not too much carnage, although I was a victim of OFS (old fart syndrome - I'll explain that in a later post - I am not an old fart either...).

I conservatively calculated 300 fixed wing models, and 100 helicopters, plus having James Dargue here (ranked 8th in the world heli 3D Masters) was fantastic. I think we had 4 heli clubs from Melbourne represented, one or two from Sth Aust and Nate from Tassie! We can't thank those blokes enough for their promotion of the event and willingness to travel and work with our club who had never tried to coordinate a mixed fixed wing and...Continue Reading
Posted by Broose27 | Oct 10, 2012 @ 12:08 AM | 3,463 Views
Playing around with panorama, made this nice view of the flying fields at SHMAC, looking north from the southern end of the north-south runway.
Posted by Broose27 | Oct 07, 2012 @ 10:56 PM | 3,847 Views
After lots of preparation, shameless promotion and crossing fingers for good weather, the 12th annual AEFA Swan Hill electric fun fly is almost upon us.

We only need to collect food for the estimated 60+ flyers who'll be in attendance, and put a few signs up, then giddy up for the weekend.

With the start of daylight savings, yesterday afternoon the runways got a roll, the grassed areas a final slash, and the tractor was put away for a few months. A couple of dead trees were removed and cut up for firewood, and bugger me if we didn't have a fly!

Scott had two of his sons helping so they flew the trusty Boomerang 60 doing touch and gos, I flew my Eagle 40 (ASP 52 - what a great reliable engine!) doing the same and Greg flew an old super-heavy but small high wing Jabiru with a 40 in it. While I didn't witness it, Greg somehow made a hole full of yellow pieces later in the day....

Our two new members are volunteering to cook the BBQ lunches, so I'm gonna bring the electric warbirds out for a play:

FMS 1400mm P-51
FMS 1400 Corsair
Durafly Vampire edf
Durafly SE5a
Hyperion Extra 300L

I took some early morning photos and made a panorama of a couple to show the fields in such great condition, plus a close-up of our weathered but very effective clubrooms. We use the tables for set up during normal afternoon sessions, but spread them out for eating Wardy's famous spit roasts during a fun fly.

I'm camping out there on the Thursday night with my 10 year old son, who's going to help me set up some signs early Friday before he goes to school. The convoys from Melbourne are expected to arrive from 10am Friday onwards with most on deck from nearby (200km) clubs and South Aust by Friday night.

The wind forecast shows it dying down by Friday night, so we're excited to be seeing some fixed-wing and helicopter night flying both Friday and Saturday nights.

No doubt I'll add further updates during spare moments, but if not, BRING IT ON!
Posted by Broose27 | Oct 02, 2012 @ 08:43 PM | 3,997 Views
Last weekend we made the most fo the good weather and did the clean up for 13-14 October.

Runways look magnificent, the fields around have been slashed, we've made an easier driveway to avoid vehicles driving under an approach, the BBQ and spit roast stuff is sorted, toilets and shower cleaned, clubrooms cleaned out and everything is ready to go.

Had a couple of flights early today before work with the Eagle trainer and the EDF Vampire - dead calm, crystal clear and warm (28 forecast) - and had a ball. An old bloke from PARCS was travelling around and camped at our field for a few nights so he had a fly as well. Great start to the day.

This weekend is the Swan Hill Show so us family blokes will get the show stuff out of the way Saturday and look forward to a big fly in Sunday as a warm up.

Stay tuned for final updates, plus I'll post some stuff in the other forums.
Posted by Broose27 | Sep 18, 2012 @ 02:10 AM | 2,930 Views
With bugger-all time to fly on weekends lately, I've spent a few nights fixing stuff up, so the events of a few weeks ago don't happen again.

New aileron servo in the Cub, new motor and esc in bro-in-law's ST-Models Cub, got the ASP 52 tuned and running sweet in the Blackhorse Eagle 40 (and flown a few times - love this plane), new prop and vibration gone in the little Hyperion Extra, new lipos broken in between the FMS warbirds before work, and the old Thunder Tiger Easy 40 trainer is back in the air with an OS 46la for windy CBF days.

Tomorrow will try out both Cubs before work, and Friday early will take the Sea Fury out for a spin, then next Sunday after the AFL GF hangover, looking forward to a big session with the lads, and some cleaning up.
Posted by Broose27 | Sep 12, 2012 @ 07:55 PM | 3,407 Views
Getting a wee bit excited about October 13-14 (we might as well call it October 12-14, cos most say they'll be rocking up a day early, plus a few of us locals are taking the Friday off anyway!)

Some great news with 5 sponsors now on the books, and a heap of electric heli interest from Melbourne. Likely to be some big Australian names in helicopters showing their stuff, plus a lot of first-time visitors to SHMAC from South Australia, which wil be great. Also this year there's no clash with another nearby fun fly, so a few blokes from Mildura will be able to attend as well.

If everything goes well, there's a chance a dedicated heli event could be established which would be awesome for the club and local region.

Our year would then be our own SHMAC Down fun fly in April, the AEFA's electric event in October, and a heli event somewhere in between, with us flying every weekend in between...

The field is about as bad as it gets right now, with windy weather preventing spraying the strips, but all things going well, that will happen in the next week and allow for a couple of clean-ups in the two weeks leading to the event. We are the absolute masters of leaving things to the last minute, but to be honest, that's part of the attraction of being in the club...

This weekend I've got a lot on, so I'll be flying Saturday afternoon, and giving some airtime to our two newest members to keep them keen. Both either have models or models on order, so by the time daylight savings gets here, they'll be fully into it.

Too much on lately with kids' stuff, so haven't done much flying, although I snuck out before work Monday with the bro-in-law for some lipos in the Hyperion Extra and the trusty SE5a (I'm just waiting for the ESC to cark it, but so far so good with the stock gear!!).

Cheers for now.
Posted by Broose27 | Sep 02, 2012 @ 09:32 PM | 3,313 Views
Yesterday was our first 'get your butts to the flying field, it's the first Sunday of the month' session.

5 regulars and two new members, plus a couple of families came out for a look, so not a bad afternoon.

Mine was less fun: despite checking everything on a few models over the last week, I discovered a stuffed aileron servo on the Cub, and the Eagle (which I'd test-flown the day before with the bigger 52 engine) wouldn't start.

Fortunately our two new members brought their models out so I got to have a few flights with a Hangar 9 PTS Mustang - not a bad concept at all - and a Sky Raider trainer.

Next key date is Sunday 7th October, when we get stuck into cleaning the fields and sheds for the October electric show.

In the meantime, there's some spraying to happen and some gathering of fuel for the tractor, and fixing these %$#@ issues with my models so no more wasted afternoons.
Posted by Broose27 | Aug 27, 2012 @ 09:03 PM | 3,260 Views
No, I'm not talking about those who may allegedly dive their models on you while you're trying to concentrate on the maiden flight of that new warbird...(but you know who you are).

While we were all having a great ol' time in Robinvale two weeks ago, some local idiots decided to take their cars and motorbikes onto the strip.

They made a fair old mess of the grassed areas around the runways, and it's fortunate our runways are gypsum and pretty hard, and we hadn't had too much rain lately. Another piece of luck is we're about 3 weeks away from a major clean up in preparation for the October 13-14 AEFA electric fun fly, so if this had happened after a lot of work, there'd be hell to pay...

The police have been notified, and one idito who we caught last year is still on pending charges, so hopefully this crew get nailed soon too.

Despite that, 4 of us had a late aftenoon fly on Sunday, with my Sea Fury having another spin, Greg's PC-9 having its first flight with a new OS 55 AX engine, and Scott and his boys burning some lipos in the FMS P-51 foamie.

We're looking forward to a big Father's Day afternoon session this weekend, and allocating some jobs for the electric show.
Posted by Broose27 | Aug 23, 2012 @ 09:21 PM | 4,738 Views
The weather on weekends has been way better than earlier, so more flying less blogging.

Last weekend saw the 2012 Robinvale fun fly. I love this weekend: shared a caravan with bro-in-law and a mate, and we had 6 blokes from SHMAC at the event. Despite Friday being craptacularly windy and wet, the weekend improved to the point where there were at least 200 models and maybe 40 flyers having a blast.

I took the T-34 (5 flights), Sea Fury (1 flight in front of the crowd after endless tuning issues - a loose part was the culprit), Hyperion Extra (5 flights), PZ Sukhoi u/micro (6 flights under lights), and the SE5a had a couple of flights on Sunday morning.

We were well looked after by the Robinvale crew - fantastic breakfasts, lunches and Saturday's spit roast almost stopped me drinking beer...almost. Pleased to report the SHMAC boys were the last to leave the campfire on both nights, and not the last to emerge each day.

Plenty of night flying, some amazing models and generally a crackin time. Only limited carnage, with two spectacular structural failures, and two dumb thumbs (and none from me, whew).

Back at SHMAC, as the days start getting longer, we're going to lock in the first Sunday of each month as an open/training day, where we always have a trainer ready to go, and even if the weather is crappy, we'll have a tinker and a yarn. Next weekend's first catch up will revolve around the lead-up to October's electric fun fly.

I'll do a separate blog about that,...Continue Reading
Posted by Broose27 | Jul 22, 2012 @ 08:41 AM | 3,021 Views
After running three tanks of nitro through the thing, and being cursed by bad weather, then dicky retracts, then an engine that would stall, the Sea Fury ARF I assembled a month ago took off tonight.

Bit of a cheater though - I'd had a pretty good day, flew my TWM T-34 a few times, the Cub, plus some electrics (SE5a, Extra) - but was sh*t-scared to do the maiden flight.

Fortunately our President and I had hit the Bundy at a ball the night before so he knew I was going to try and test the beasty. He got it tuned right, then took off before handing me the tx. Great fun model - zippy and looks great. After a few minutes he landed it, we fiddled with the throws a bit on the elevator and it was time to pack up.

Already looking forward to next Saturday morning - will take it out before the kids' junior sport and go for broke.

Might even put the fake radial section under the cowl and make it look even meaner...

Totalled up the cost in time for the infectious hobby: since I started in early 2010, I've clocked up over 140 hours of air time. Being very close to the most open and casual model aero club is a big factor!
Posted by Broose27 | Jul 16, 2012 @ 12:26 AM | 3,509 Views
For the 12th year, Swan HIll Model Aero Club will be hosting the AEFA electric fun fly.

October 13-14 will see a large contingent of flyers from all over the place enjoying great (hopefully) flying conditions. Last year we were literally blown away - windiest weather I've ever experience since starting the hobby - but its gotta be better this year! Despite the wind, lots of flying took place and some fantastic models wereon show.

Some great sponsors are lined up, and the raffle is always popular.

SHMAC has ample free camping facilities, and a gas hot water shower, toilets and canteen on site, plus a flying field unrestricted by trees or obstacles. Half the SHMAC members camp at the site, and a big meal is served up Saturday night, and some flyers regularly hire a caravan from in town, while others choose to stay at one of the many close motels (we're only 4km from the CBD).

I'm looking forward to dusting off the electric warbirds (1400mm Corsair and Mustang, SE5a and my new Catalina) in addition to probably spending a lot of time behind the BBQ chasing locally-produced steaks.

Everyone is welcome, and we expect a healthy roll up of members from clubs nearby like Echuca Moama, Robinvale, Sunraysia and Cohuna.
Posted by Broose27 | Jul 09, 2012 @ 10:38 PM | 3,144 Views
Finally we had the crap weather during the week, and the fine stuff on the weekend. Saturday and Sunday were top fun at Swan Hill Model Aero Club.

I've got the week off now, so planning another big afternoon on Wednesday in amongst some rainy days around the Mallee.

Saturday saw four members out there in calm but overcast weather: I flew my new TWM T-34 Mentor with the Thunder Tiger 47 Pro, the Black Horse Eagle 40 with a OS 46la, the FMS 1400mm Corsair, and the trusty SE5a, which has gotta be past 100 flights now.

Hints flew his Phoenix Models PC-9 40-size, with an OS46AX, Todd had his Boomerang 60, and ran his new engine in the Black Horse Twister that might maiden next week.

Scott, our el Presidente, flew his big Stik with its 35cc petrol engine and his FMS P-51 1400mm warbird.

Fantastic day - and we didn't pack up until after dark.

Sunday was a bit breezy but still Hints, Todd and I flew most of the afternoon with the same models.

Hoping the weather stays predictable for Robinvale's fun fly on August 18-19 - looks like a few of us will be up there.

Aiming to finally maiden the Sea Fury - some minor issues with the retracts and engine tuning - raining today so not likely to make any progress on the latter.

Stay tuned for some flying video from the field over the next few weeks...
Posted by Broose27 | Jun 26, 2012 @ 11:27 PM | 2,857 Views
Last week I got stuck into the Phoenix Models 60-size Sea Fury and the TWM T-34 40-size ARF's.

BOth projects almost completed, although I had a dodgy retract servo in the Sea Fury so have fixed the wheels while I wait for a replacement to arrive.

The Sea Fury has an ASP 61 two-stroke, with a 12x6 prop, and was a fun challenge sorting out the cowl with fuelling point and access to the glow plug, mixture and idle needles. All up probably took me 9 hours, and I was playing it very carefully trying to minimise the inevitable idiot mistakes that I tend to make.

Have started and run a tank full of nitro through the new engine in the backyard, but it hasn't been put in the car for the trip out to the SHMAC field - that will be Saturday.

The T-34 Mentor was a bit easier and definitely lighter. I mounted my most reliable engine (TT 46 Pro) onto it and have done some taxiing at the field but it'll hopefully get airborne on the weekend too.

After only assembling one scale ARF in my vast 2.5 years of flying, to do 2 in a week was pretty cool. The kitchen table was occupied for nights on end after the kids went to bed (too cold to be out in the shed), and each morning everything would go back into the shed before they woke up.

Family away for a week soon, so between the two maidens and the five other nitro's in flying order, plus the stagnant fleet of electrics, there'll be some serious air time.
Posted by Broose27 | Jun 15, 2012 @ 06:06 PM | 3,145 Views
After spreading my TWM Mach II Sky Raider along a runway some months ago, I've really missed the little thing. Bought secondhand on eBay, it was my first nitro experience, it was the catalyst to go out and accumulate more.

Now with 6 flying nitro models, and the Sea Fury build underwater, I researched into getting another Mach II. finally found a supplier, and through the emails and phone conversations that followed, I discovered the 40-size T-34 Mentor. Having a small 800mm Skyartec version, I really like this plane - everyone seems to have a Trojan in their hangar, but the T-34 is my preference over the T-28.

So, ordered one for a very reasonable price and even scored a $20 delivery from suburban Melbourne to Swan Hill, paid for Friday, arriving at my house Monday.

This means some juggling of receivers and engines, and more brackets to be mounted on the shed wall...

Next job is to check out rcgroups for build logs, so today's windy forecast doesn't worry me that much now..