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Posted by Broose27 | Aug 27, 2012 @ 09:03 PM | 3,265 Views
No, I'm not talking about those who may allegedly dive their models on you while you're trying to concentrate on the maiden flight of that new warbird...(but you know who you are).

While we were all having a great ol' time in Robinvale two weeks ago, some local idiots decided to take their cars and motorbikes onto the strip.

They made a fair old mess of the grassed areas around the runways, and it's fortunate our runways are gypsum and pretty hard, and we hadn't had too much rain lately. Another piece of luck is we're about 3 weeks away from a major clean up in preparation for the October 13-14 AEFA electric fun fly, so if this had happened after a lot of work, there'd be hell to pay...

The police have been notified, and one idito who we caught last year is still on pending charges, so hopefully this crew get nailed soon too.

Despite that, 4 of us had a late aftenoon fly on Sunday, with my Sea Fury having another spin, Greg's PC-9 having its first flight with a new OS 55 AX engine, and Scott and his boys burning some lipos in the FMS P-51 foamie.

We're looking forward to a big Father's Day afternoon session this weekend, and allocating some jobs for the electric show.
Posted by Broose27 | Aug 23, 2012 @ 09:21 PM | 4,742 Views
The weather on weekends has been way better than earlier, so more flying less blogging.

Last weekend saw the 2012 Robinvale fun fly. I love this weekend: shared a caravan with bro-in-law and a mate, and we had 6 blokes from SHMAC at the event. Despite Friday being craptacularly windy and wet, the weekend improved to the point where there were at least 200 models and maybe 40 flyers having a blast.

I took the T-34 (5 flights), Sea Fury (1 flight in front of the crowd after endless tuning issues - a loose part was the culprit), Hyperion Extra (5 flights), PZ Sukhoi u/micro (6 flights under lights), and the SE5a had a couple of flights on Sunday morning.

We were well looked after by the Robinvale crew - fantastic breakfasts, lunches and Saturday's spit roast almost stopped me drinking beer...almost. Pleased to report the SHMAC boys were the last to leave the campfire on both nights, and not the last to emerge each day.

Plenty of night flying, some amazing models and generally a crackin time. Only limited carnage, with two spectacular structural failures, and two dumb thumbs (and none from me, whew).

Back at SHMAC, as the days start getting longer, we're going to lock in the first Sunday of each month as an open/training day, where we always have a trainer ready to go, and even if the weather is crappy, we'll have a tinker and a yarn. Next weekend's first catch up will revolve around the lead-up to October's electric fun fly.

I'll do a separate blog about that,...Continue Reading