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Posted by Broose27 | Jul 22, 2012 @ 07:41 AM | 2,979 Views
After running three tanks of nitro through the thing, and being cursed by bad weather, then dicky retracts, then an engine that would stall, the Sea Fury ARF I assembled a month ago took off tonight.

Bit of a cheater though - I'd had a pretty good day, flew my TWM T-34 a few times, the Cub, plus some electrics (SE5a, Extra) - but was sh*t-scared to do the maiden flight.

Fortunately our President and I had hit the Bundy at a ball the night before so he knew I was going to try and test the beasty. He got it tuned right, then took off before handing me the tx. Great fun model - zippy and looks great. After a few minutes he landed it, we fiddled with the throws a bit on the elevator and it was time to pack up.

Already looking forward to next Saturday morning - will take it out before the kids' junior sport and go for broke.

Might even put the fake radial section under the cowl and make it look even meaner...

Totalled up the cost in time for the infectious hobby: since I started in early 2010, I've clocked up over 140 hours of air time. Being very close to the most open and casual model aero club is a big factor!
Posted by Broose27 | Jul 15, 2012 @ 11:26 PM | 3,369 Views
For the 12th year, Swan HIll Model Aero Club will be hosting the AEFA electric fun fly.

October 13-14 will see a large contingent of flyers from all over the place enjoying great (hopefully) flying conditions. Last year we were literally blown away - windiest weather I've ever experience since starting the hobby - but its gotta be better this year! Despite the wind, lots of flying took place and some fantastic models wereon show.

Some great sponsors are lined up, and the raffle is always popular.

SHMAC has ample free camping facilities, and a gas hot water shower, toilets and canteen on site, plus a flying field unrestricted by trees or obstacles. Half the SHMAC members camp at the site, and a big meal is served up Saturday night, and some flyers regularly hire a caravan from in town, while others choose to stay at one of the many close motels (we're only 4km from the CBD).

I'm looking forward to dusting off the electric warbirds (1400mm Corsair and Mustang, SE5a and my new Catalina) in addition to probably spending a lot of time behind the BBQ chasing locally-produced steaks.

Everyone is welcome, and we expect a healthy roll up of members from clubs nearby like Echuca Moama, Robinvale, Sunraysia and Cohuna.
Posted by Broose27 | Jul 09, 2012 @ 09:38 PM | 3,108 Views
Finally we had the crap weather during the week, and the fine stuff on the weekend. Saturday and Sunday were top fun at Swan Hill Model Aero Club.

I've got the week off now, so planning another big afternoon on Wednesday in amongst some rainy days around the Mallee.

Saturday saw four members out there in calm but overcast weather: I flew my new TWM T-34 Mentor with the Thunder Tiger 47 Pro, the Black Horse Eagle 40 with a OS 46la, the FMS 1400mm Corsair, and the trusty SE5a, which has gotta be past 100 flights now.

Hints flew his Phoenix Models PC-9 40-size, with an OS46AX, Todd had his Boomerang 60, and ran his new engine in the Black Horse Twister that might maiden next week.

Scott, our el Presidente, flew his big Stik with its 35cc petrol engine and his FMS P-51 1400mm warbird.

Fantastic day - and we didn't pack up until after dark.

Sunday was a bit breezy but still Hints, Todd and I flew most of the afternoon with the same models.

Hoping the weather stays predictable for Robinvale's fun fly on August 18-19 - looks like a few of us will be up there.

Aiming to finally maiden the Sea Fury - some minor issues with the retracts and engine tuning - raining today so not likely to make any progress on the latter.

Stay tuned for some flying video from the field over the next few weeks...