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Posted by Broose27 | Jun 26, 2012 @ 11:27 PM | 2,866 Views
Last week I got stuck into the Phoenix Models 60-size Sea Fury and the TWM T-34 40-size ARF's.

BOth projects almost completed, although I had a dodgy retract servo in the Sea Fury so have fixed the wheels while I wait for a replacement to arrive.

The Sea Fury has an ASP 61 two-stroke, with a 12x6 prop, and was a fun challenge sorting out the cowl with fuelling point and access to the glow plug, mixture and idle needles. All up probably took me 9 hours, and I was playing it very carefully trying to minimise the inevitable idiot mistakes that I tend to make.

Have started and run a tank full of nitro through the new engine in the backyard, but it hasn't been put in the car for the trip out to the SHMAC field - that will be Saturday.

The T-34 Mentor was a bit easier and definitely lighter. I mounted my most reliable engine (TT 46 Pro) onto it and have done some taxiing at the field but it'll hopefully get airborne on the weekend too.

After only assembling one scale ARF in my vast 2.5 years of flying, to do 2 in a week was pretty cool. The kitchen table was occupied for nights on end after the kids went to bed (too cold to be out in the shed), and each morning everything would go back into the shed before they woke up.

Family away for a week soon, so between the two maidens and the five other nitro's in flying order, plus the stagnant fleet of electrics, there'll be some serious air time.
Posted by Broose27 | Jun 15, 2012 @ 06:06 PM | 3,159 Views
After spreading my TWM Mach II Sky Raider along a runway some months ago, I've really missed the little thing. Bought secondhand on eBay, it was my first nitro experience, it was the catalyst to go out and accumulate more.

Now with 6 flying nitro models, and the Sea Fury build underwater, I researched into getting another Mach II. finally found a supplier, and through the emails and phone conversations that followed, I discovered the 40-size T-34 Mentor. Having a small 800mm Skyartec version, I really like this plane - everyone seems to have a Trojan in their hangar, but the T-34 is my preference over the T-28.

So, ordered one for a very reasonable price and even scored a $20 delivery from suburban Melbourne to Swan Hill, paid for Friday, arriving at my house Monday.

This means some juggling of receivers and engines, and more brackets to be mounted on the shed wall...

Next job is to check out rcgroups for build logs, so today's windy forecast doesn't worry me that much now..
Posted by Broose27 | Jun 11, 2012 @ 07:01 PM | 2,781 Views
The weather forecast was accurate, the wife was undertanding and I scored 32 flights over the 3 days (remember it is only 4km from my place to the flying field, and takes longer to load the car than drive there).

Saturday at dawn (electric and nitro combo), Saturday afternoon (all nitro), Sunday afternoon (electric and nitro combo) and Monday morning (all electric warbirds).

Was great to fly 8 different models, blow some dust off some wings and generally chill out. I had air time of just on 4 hours, which is incredible considering that 18 months ago that was several months' worth of flying my small foamies with their little 1100mah lipos!

Sunday afternoon we had 4 flyers and a few spectators, so the time literally flew. After starting at 2pm, it was suddenly pushing 5.30pm and too dark to see our FMS warbirds when they hit the treeline on approach. PZ Wildcat, 4-stroke Decathlon and Cub, FMS P-51's and F4U, SE5a, Hyperion Extra 300L, various nitro trainers, some heli action, T-28's and miscellaneous other stuff.

Ordinary weather forecast for the upcoming weekend, but the boys at SHMAC will find some time for some air time.

August in Robinvale then our hosting the AEFA fun fly in October will get here very fast I reckon...
Posted by Broose27 | Jun 08, 2012 @ 02:28 AM | 3,269 Views
The forecast for the long weekend is bloody fantastic: frosty but clear mornings, maximum temps in the mid-teens, but more importantly, only light winds.

This creates heaps of opportunities and also problems.

There are opportunities to dust off and fly every airworthy model over the three days, and at least 6 flying sessions (solo after dawn, then with the SHMAC blokes each afternoon). The problems begin with the flying order, and which models to take out when.

The wife's VZ Commodore wagon can comfortably hold my flying gear, lipos and 3 nitros and one foamie, or 2 big foamies and one nitro, or 5 foamies, or 4 nitros.

See my problem?

Saturday dawn might be: HK SE5a, FMS Corsair, FMS P-51, low wing trainer.

Saturday afternoon (maybe): Cub 4-stroke, Eagle nitro trainer, FMS Corsair again, Extra 300L electric.

Not even thinking about Sunday and Monday yet!

Maybe it would have been easier to go the June races instead...
Posted by Broose27 | Jun 04, 2012 @ 09:37 PM | 3,281 Views
More as an easy to refer list for me, here are the items rapidly filling up my shed at the expense of space for kids' bikes and camping gear. Updated July 2012:

Electrafun XP - my first rc plane. A lot of fun in the early days (January 2010!). Will soup it up a bit for my son to have a crack when he gets a bit older.

Art Tech Cessna 182 1000mm electric, semi-retired.

Art Tech/Hobbyking F4U Corsair 1000mm electric, uses same lipo's. Used for training - been repaired that many times but a great little plane.

Thunder Tiger Easy 40 Trainer, now with ASP 52 engine. My modified trainer - bigger motor, bigger tank, up to 20 minute flight times swinging a big prop with not much clearance to make me nail those landings!

Skyartec T-34 Mentor 880mm electric, great little plane, semi-retired.

Parkzone UMicro SU-26 tiny little acro plane, good for end of the day fun or when out camping on the river.

GWS Zero 800mm a second hand plane from a former SHMAC member, has to be 15 years old now. Crashed and repaired after deans plug solder failed. Souped up with a brushless. Semi-retired.

FMS F4U Corsair 1400mm electric warbird - love this plane, the flying, the looks, the cool retracts with doors and 90 degree action. Towards 80 flights.

FMS P-51 1400mm electric warbird - this is another fallback plane - throw this all over the sky! Has had new retract gear installed, numerous prop blades and upgraded ESC but stock motor. Use 2200 and 2650mah 4S lipos, same as the...Continue Reading
Posted by Broose27 | Jun 04, 2012 @ 05:03 AM | 2,968 Views
Yesterday was one of the best informal flying days at Swan Hill Model Aero Club.

Noel, our oldest member, was flying his electrics: FMS 1400mm Hellcat, PZ Trojan, with his Oleo retracts, PZ Wildcat, and T-33 EDF. The Hellcat had a bad landing in the reasonable breeze, and he busted a blade - fortunately my FMS Corsair uses the same blades, so got him airborne again. The spinner was a bit notched so it sounded like a chaff-cutter - he'll buy a new spinner.

Sunday flying at SHMAC (3 min 20 sec)

Todd had his Boomerang 60 trainer going, with a .46 engine, doing touch and go's, and was tinkering with the Black Horse Twister he got for his birthday.

Scott our president was flying his Cessna 182 with the OS 45 FS, doing some serious non-scale stuff.

I was flying my FMS Corsair and Black Horse Eagle 40 trainer. Four tanks of nitro and 4 lipos.

Was a great, relaxing afternoon, with always someone in the air, once or twice 4 of us airborne.

If the weather behaves with the long weekend up next, could be a couple of big days!

Taking the SE5a out before work one morning this week - had some amazing morning frosts, so will venture to the local footy ground to make the most of the crisp air. Having clocked up well over 70 flights, I'm keen to try some non-scale stuff - the thing has plenty of power and I haven't really cranked it up which is a disgrace. Might put a light wooden prop on it and change the design to match the Aussie WW1 squadron colours....