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Posted by Broose27 | May 29, 2012 @ 01:53 AM | 3,017 Views
The approaching winter weather has been pretty crap for flying, but only on weekends - very frustrating looking outside from work at the calm clear skies, then that bloody wind kicks in on Friday and destroys the weekend!

We also need some rain, so would be fantastic to get a few inches of rain for the crops DURING THE WEEK, then calm stuff over the weekend, but hey...

Bought a Phoenix Models/SMC Sea Fury, with an ASP61 two-stroke waiting to go into it. Haven't assembled an ARF since the Cub last year, so first week of July is looking like the kitchen table will be busy after work each night while the family is away.

My trusty old Thunder Tiger 40 Easy Trainer is looking the worst for wear - will need to replace some covering and reinforce some spots after hundreds of touch and go's' on the dirt strips, two engines and a lot of fuel spray. Still a lot of fun and the extra power of a 52 makes it equal favourite for a quick fly...

The Cub finally has it's Cowl, a remote glow issue on the Black Horse Eagle 40 is fixed, and new blades and spinners on the FMS warbirds (Corsair and Mustang) have sorted out some vibration issues after dozens of flights.

Took a while to get around to all the minor repairs after the SHMAC Down then family weekends away.

Dates for Robinvale's fun fly have been locked in so looking forward to that in August (18-19), then we'll spool up for the hosting of the AEFA electric show in October. In the meantime, if the farmers get some wet stuff during the week, the air behaves on the weekends, Brucey will be a happy camper.