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Posted by Broose27 | Dec 31, 2011 @ 01:19 AM | 2,872 Views
Three good men took to the dawn skies earlier before this heat kicked in.

Flying today was an 84" Stomp biplane with 120 Saito, two 40-size trainers, the little electric Hyperion Extra 300 and an FMS P-51 foamie.

Bloody good fun with no wind until 8:30am when the sun started to kick in as well.
Posted by Broose27 | Dec 30, 2011 @ 06:49 AM | 2,973 Views
Finally the bloody unseasonal wind has abated, now a kick-bum summer is hitting us in Swan Hill - few days of mid-30's and forecast is for 40, 41, 42, 43 for the start of 2012. But no floods!

Flying restricted to early morning or pre-dusk to beat the heat and leave time for beers.

Latest flying has included some maidens - Eagle 40 is finally running well with the 46 LA, and a secondhand Hyperion Extra 300 was maidened and trimmed with new Hobbyking gear - running 3S 1300mah lipos and loving it! My first built-up/non-foamie electric, could be a new trend.

Tomorrow at dawn will see off 2011 with those two planes and my trusty FMS P-51 and 40 trainer with the 55AX. Might even rake out the PZ ultramicro Sukhoi for a laugh as well.

Happy new year!
Posted by Broose27 | Dec 22, 2011 @ 12:11 AM | 3,523 Views
Looks like summer has finally got here to the Mallee - Christmas day is forecast for 37 degrees and storms, but either side the weather is looking pretty good.

10 days off, so hoping to get some flying in early on the hot days, late afternoon on the cooler days.

Apart from the chance to take a selection of models out each time, also hoping to finally maiden a Black Horse Eagle 40 high-wing trainer, which I've put an OS 46LA into, and also the 72" Cub with my first 4-stroke.

Tonight will be the trusty 40 trainer with the OS 55AX, the SE5a (now have 6 lipos charged up for it!) and the (hopefully maiden flight) Eagle 40, then a few cold beers or Bundys. Tomorrow morning will be the maiden of the Cub, along with a few lipos in the FMS P-51 or F4U, and then a few trips to the tip after a shed clean-out!

Later days will depend on the mood, but aiming for most of the 17 planes to get a run during the break.

The great thing is, even when I go back to work, I can still sneak out for an early fly, or after work (wife and kids permitting). The weather will be hot, and hopefully this unseasonal wind has gone, and daylight savings rocks.

Happy silly season everyone.
Posted by Broose27 | Dec 13, 2011 @ 11:38 PM | 2,805 Views
Here at Swan Hill Model Aero Club (SHMAC), we know that to kick start things again, we need to go back to the old days when the club was thriving with more annual events.

Currently the only regular event is when we host the AEFA Electric Fun Fly.

Feedback from everyone who attends each years is fantastic: even when the weather is shite, like the past two Octobers, heaps of flyers have turned out, travelled long ways, camped overnight and had a relaxing fun time...

The facilities include toilets, gas hot water shower, plenty of room for camping, a canteen running for the duration of each event, and BBQ lunches and spit roast dinners at the field. The 61 hectares of tree-less paddock around the runways is also stress-free for fun flying experiences. Plus the field is only 4km from the centre of Swan Hill and very easy to find.

We're looking at an 'anything that flies' event in the first part of the year, while trying to avoid clashing with other regular events from those clubs nearby.

Looking at the VMAA calendar, there seems to be something on every weekend, but we've got three suggested weekends: one in April, May and June.

The working title is SHMAC Down! and we'd value your thoughts. Any comments and suggestions are welcome.
Posted by Broose27 | Dec 13, 2011 @ 09:43 PM | 2,770 Views
After starting with an Electrafun XP almost 2 years ago, moving up to small foamies then my first nitros this year, the time has come for a 4-stroke.

Ordered an ASP/Magnum 61, and have 95% completed a 72" Cub ARF to chuck it into. With the way this crappy weather has been going - every weekend for the past 5 weeks has been stormy and windy - it looks like flying will be after work, and shed time will be on the weekend.

Thursday night have planned a big session with two 2-stroke, 40-size trainers, plus whatever foamies I can fit in the VZ wagon (FMS P-51 and SE5a are definite starters). The forecast is for 31 degrees, clear and calm.

Bring it on!
Posted by Broose27 | Dec 10, 2011 @ 05:41 AM | 2,874 Views
This morning was another awesome session. The weather had been great all week - low-30's, light winds, but the forecast for this weekend was shite: storms, rain and wind.

Headed out for a quick fix last night after work, one tank with the nitro trainer, but set the alarm anyway in the hope of a calm morning.

Believe it or not, although the horizon showed storms all around Swan Hill, it was dead calm and warm at 6:30am, so I loaded up the 40 size trainer (with the 55 OS), my Eagle 40 with the OS 46, the Art Tech Corsair, PZ ultra micro Sukhoi, and the current favourite, the SE5a.

Between 7am and 11am, accumulated 102 minutes of air time, thanks to 4 tanks of nitro and 10 lipos from 1S to 4S. Since I replaced the 10oz fuel tank with a 16oz, I'm landing after 18 minutes with the OS 55AX - and there's still fuel in the tank. Getting more confident so adjusted the throws on the flat-bottomed wing trainer, and got some handy rolls and inverted time in the heavy morning air.

Mixing up flights with that, the foamies and the tiny SU-26 is ripper fun.

The flat horizon at SHMAC means that you can see storms/rain coming with plenty of notice, although this weather is bloody weird for this time of the year. Normally heat into the 40's and very dry, but the last 3 weekends have been unsettled and stormy.

The crazy weather has caused weeds to appear that we haven't seen for 15 years thanks to drought, so maintaining the strip will be a challenge with Christmas upon us.

Anyway, today was worth waking up early for, and I'll be setting the alarm again tomorrow, but don't reckon I'll be that lucky again...