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Posted by Broose27 | Nov 30, 2011 @ 05:18 AM | 3,485 Views
Sunday was so much fun, I'm getting worried about getting bored with this hobby...not. Two nitro's and three foamies, including the SE5a, and over two hours in the air across the day.

The weather has been weird for the Mallee - storms every few days and wind - but when the days are 'normal', it's awesome fun.

The rain also caused a member who should have been on a header to forget the harvest for a day and go flying.

An added bonus was Monday's weather - calm and warm - so more flying pre-dusk and two more big flights with the SE5a after 3 tanks of juice through my Mach 2 Skyraider with the OS 46la.

No flying now until Sunday due to work in Melbourne, but planning another big day at Swan Hill Model Aero Club.
Posted by Broose27 | Nov 26, 2011 @ 04:49 AM | 5,703 Views
After some seriously shite weather - storms and windy - Sunday is looking awesome. Light winds and 28 degrees. Plus the runways got tidied up today in between other jobs, so looking forward to not having to avoid patches of weeds to catch the wheels on.

Have planned two sessions tomorrow - mid-morning with my Thunder Tiger 40 trainer, and an OS55AX on the front, along with a few FMS Corsair batteries.

Then after 5pm till dusk a big fly with the TT 55, SE5a, Corsair, and smaller HK Art Tech Corsair on the buddy box with a mate.

Then a few quiet beers after the sun sets. Just became a great uncle at age 40, so don't get much better than that for a passive celebration!

Fingers crossed for a bunch of SE5a flights after work Monday as well.
Posted by Broose27 | Nov 10, 2011 @ 11:27 PM | 3,089 Views
More as an easy to refer list for me, here are the items rapidly filling up my shed at the expense of kids' bikes and camping gear. Updated January 2012:

Electrafun XP - my first rc plane. A lot of fun in the early days (Jnauary 2010!). Now on loan to bro in law as his trainer.

Skyartec Cessna 182 1000mm electric, runs 1300mah 3S lipo's - "retired" - had got this one going as a trainer for the bro-in-law and we let it get a bit far away for the little Spektrum parkflyer rx - by the time I took over it was 1.2km away in a paddock of stubble in several pieces. Bro-in-law is now fixing and can have it...

Art Tech Cessna 182 1000mm electric, used parts from this get the one above going. D'oh!

Art Tech/Hobbyking F4U Corsair 1000mm electric, uses same lipo's. Used for training - been repaired that many times but a great little plane. Original motor mount gave up last week - somehow landed ok with minimal damage, awaiting a replacement.

Thunder Tiger Easy 40 Trainer, now with ASP 52 engine - finally lost patience with the OS 55AX engine which was becoming a bugger to tune and was stalling despite all sorts of advice and attempts to resolve the issue. My modified trainer - bigger motor, bigger tank, up to 20 minute flight times swinging a big prop with not much clearance to make me nail those landings!

Skyartec T-34 Mentor 880mm electric, great little plane

Parkzone UMicro SU-26 tiny little acro plane, good for end of the day fun

GWS Zero 800mm a...Continue Reading

SE5a build

Posted by Broose27 | Nov 10, 2011 @ 11:13 PM | 4,047 Views
Now this is something I've never done before, so bear with me.

I'll have a crack at recording the build on my brand new Durafly SE5a that arrived today, with photos, observations and anything that might be relevant.

Hoping the kids are distracted enough, the wife doesn't add to my list of jobs, and that the pieces go together. Not optimistic that the maiden will be tomorrow (Saturday), but the forecast is for calm conditions after work Monday, so we'll see how we go.

Saturday - after parties last night and some awesome flying weather this morning, the Durafly SE5a is ready to go.

If I could summarise the build, it would be a couple of hours doing the general build and enjoying it, then an hour or two doing the fiddly rigging. Having said that, it's worth the wait.

The pics below summarise my late last night and early this afternoon building session:

The very very basic instructions - good for the batting order, and for the clearly labelled screws of various sizes, and the wings, struts, undercarriage and prop are easy. Even the metal wires on the the tail were easy. The black wire rigging and tiny springs (with heaps of spares - great idea!) you had to make up a bit, unless you've worked with biplanes before (not me).

I found it easy to follow the cheat sheet, and lay out the parts, and apart from putting the main wing struts in the wrong wings (linkages were on outside not inside for the rigging), it went togther very well.

Some close ups of the...Continue Reading
Posted by Broose27 | Nov 10, 2011 @ 11:09 PM | 3,914 Views
After almost two years hooked on this hobby, my shed's full and my wife is constantly rolling her eyes. Small foamies, up to larger FMS 1400mm warbirds, to 40 size nitro's and now dabbling with converting a scale 40-size Cub into EP. Amazing how time flies...

I'm lucky to have SHMAC less than 3 minutes drive from home, and even luckier there're some good blokes in the club. After a long and illustrious time, SHMAC went quiet for a while, so us newbies are helping lift the interest in our area of north western Victoria. Stay tuned for a decent website, an inaugral 'anything that flies' fun fly sometime in mid 2012 to complement the AEFA Electric Fun Fly we host each October, and an open invitation to drop in for a fly anytime.

Flying around SHMAC (5 min 55 sec)

A short flyover of the fields...