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Posted by machinate | Jul 04, 2010 @ 02:09 PM | 6,503 Views
This is a SIG Wonder kit, intended for .09-.19 glow power and converted to electric. A Zippy 3s 2.2Ah feeds a Turnigy 40a ESC spinning a Turnigy 3530-1400 Kv motor with a 7x6 APCe prop. Covering is cream and metallic green Monokote.

The conversion was no trouble at all; the only deviation from the kit was moving the firewall forward an inch or so to compensate for the difference in length between the motor and the intended engine. Total length therefore remains the same. Standard servos were used because they were available; as a result the plane weighs in at 31 ounces and requires most of the electronics to be shoved forward to offset the elevator servo (which was permanently located before I worked out the balance).

Although I've never flown a glow-powered Wonder, this electric model flies exactly like I understand the plane is meant to. It's one of the faster electrics I've seen, and it's remarkably stable in flight despite having very sensitive controls. Blazing down the runway a few feet up is a lot of fun!
Posted by machinate | Jun 17, 2010 @ 02:57 PM | 4,268 Views
This is a scale model of a model. It's 70% the size of Fred Dunn's original Hog, giving it a 50" wingspan. This model was scratch-built from 50% plans by Gene Rock, re-re-scaled to get me a size I liked.

Flying weight is 40 ounces, powered by a Zippy 3s 3Ah pack feeding a Turnigy 3536-1100. Pitch speed is 65 MPH on about 350 watts. Covering is white and metallic blue Monokote. The plane flies beautifully, exactly like an Astro Hog should - it floats around happily at low speed, but will do very graceful aerobatics.

Full build details can be found here.