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Posted by WitnessOnly | Dec 03, 2013 @ 11:51 PM | 3,597 Views
My personal answers* to some of the FPV basics:
(will edit as more genius inspirations come to me)

I've been flying multirotors for about 2 years now I guess, and I suppose I've learned a little bit along the way, most of it is stuff you just have to learn, but some of the knowledge is not mandatory as I have sometimes noticed... but jeez I can tell you it sure helped me.

Much of what will end up here will be 'learnings' learned through a lot of trial and error, but some will be stuff that I think of as 'gifts', given to me by generous people who have far more knowledge than I. (and a small portion will have been discovered just because I'm surprisingly stupid sometimes and try things I shouldn't )

So to thank you for visiting so early on in what will inevitably be a 'tour de force' I shall give you an answer I have just given to someone. And also as a bonus 2 of my little personal 'must do's'* and thus shall at least give you a taste of the 'type' of genius I most obviously have


Lets start with my pet pev:
Start you flying with something you are prepared to break...A LOT. If you've started by building some wizbag unit worth a grand, my personal advice* go out and build something cheap RIGHT NOW! load it with a simple board like a KK2 (or a Multiwii if you're brave) and go and learn how to FLY!! IN MANUAL!!! Keep it close and keep your learning flights to 'ONLY safe environments, safe for both you and others!!'

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Posted by WitnessOnly | Dec 03, 2013 @ 12:35 AM | 3,712 Views
Here's a little shortcut for those looking for some of my videos...

'The Rat'

Carpark_Multi_Level.mp4 (5 min 29 sec)

MultiRotor Multiball! (3 min 40 sec)
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The Rat 330

Posted by WitnessOnly | Jun 02, 2013 @ 02:18 AM | 6,213 Views
'THE RAT' and it's Nest

A purpose built FPV Quad, a portable robust cunning & low cost rodent of the lowest order

(See photos at the end of this post...)

I'd like to introduce you to 'The Rat', now this little guy won't be winning any beauty contests and could possibly be in the running for one of the ugliest quadcopters out there, but to some of us fliers looks bring on a level of 'preciousness' that inhibits our flying development.
Don't get me wrong, I also like the pretty birds I have in my hangar, 'shinny' CF birds, with all the blingy lights and neat wiring looms. But to be honest I hate breaking them, repairs are time consuming and fiddly, which leads to, in the end, quite simply.... less flying time, and 'The Rat' is all about flying!!

'The Rat', as it's name implies is designed to get into tight spaces and get through narrow gaps, it's suppose to go where other copters can't, and to do it with some authority (this little quad packs a whopping 600-700W of power!!), I don't want leaves and small twigs to be my demise, if I have to 'walk of shame', I want it to be because I bit off way more than I could chew!

There was a second element to the design brief:
'The Rat' is quickly deployable (The Nest is all you need for a day of flying) purpose built to fly, and to crash and break, and to fly again with the minimum fuss and bother.

OK so what makes 'The Rat' 'The Rat'.

First it's built off a clone HK F330 frame (a similar frame size to the DJI...Continue Reading
Posted by WitnessOnly | Apr 27, 2013 @ 11:42 PM | 4,141 Views
Alright lets bullet point these:

From my Downhill skiing days.... Always look at the gap, never the obstacles (I actually ran into myself on approch once being a little too fascinated with what I could see and not paying attention to what I should be seeing, in this case my landing strip.

Changing midfight from FPV to LOS can be lots harder than it sounds, lost my first Bixler over this one, but it did eventually wash up with an incoming tide

There is no such thing as overpowered take offs but there are big problems with an underpowered one.

There is no such thing as ' too many spares'

You can never have too many cableties (zipties) or glues.

A broken foamy is just like a jigsaw, you need all the pieces.... so have a plastic shopping bag in your kit for 'the enevitable'....

RF is invisible, and therefore tricky to work with.

Making your own antennas is both rewarding and more reliable than buying 'factory' built ones (except for the ones that are specialty well known FPV manufacturers)

If you don't understand the term harmonics and its relevance to FPV then learn it now!

And finally: If you're not crashing, you're not trying hard enough!!
Posted by WitnessOnly | Apr 23, 2013 @ 04:26 AM | 4,638 Views
Firstly, thanks for popping by, this is my first blog post and I hope to make it a bit of a "What I learned in 2 years, being I started from scratch with no RC experience at all".

Like so many others, one day I saw a video of a FPV flight and went "I gotta get me some of that action".

So the first thing I needed to do was learn how to fly, for that I acquired a Spektrum D6i and a 3ch trainer (Cessna 550mm wing span basic jobby) and consequently killed it 13 different ways from Sunday, learned how to glue bits together until every bit was bent and broken (this process took around 3 weeks) but by the end of it I could take off, fly, and land with reasonable ability around a sports oval.

Next was the Bixler phase, I planned to get it (my first real RC Plane) flying first, and to worry about FPV later. So I ordered what I needed, and for the first time, I had the chance to build/assemble a 'RC aeroplane'

Maiden flight was great, I flew it at a local park with no probs at all, Except I did find that parks become a lot smaller when you are just a beginner I flew the 'B' for a few weeks LOS, keeping it close and low and slow. I was getting out at least twice week, just developing more of my basic stick skills. Once it (and I) were dialed in a bit more it was time to look at installing a basic, no frills FPV setup. So a 1.2ghz system (Fox800) was purchased along with a basic security camera, all up spend was about $150.00.

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