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Posted by bytemuncher | Feb 19, 2012 @ 10:02 PM | 7,966 Views
I am currently flying my genius and mini cp exclusively now. My other (fp) helis are just plain boring compared to these little cp guys. A little background on my skill level and flying style. I like to practice 3d in my living room and I crash a LOT! I enjoy being reckless and taking unnecessary risks

The following two mods are my absolute favorite mods for the genius and mini cp.

Benmlee's Servo Saver w/ O-ring for Added Tension
Benmlee's servo saver web page:
My post for adding the o-ring:

Benmlee came up with a sweet idea to allow the servo arm to slip in a crash, thus saving the servo gears. I tried this mod, but no matter what I did the arms would slip during flight as they were too loose. By fixing a stock genius o-ring over the arm you can really tighten up the servo saver, but still allow enough give for the arm to slip during a crash. I have been flying with this mod over 200 flights now and it never slips during flight, but always slips in a crash.

Below are the ideas we have so far for adding tension to a servo saver:

- Genius/mini cp O-rings
- 1.5mm inside diameter fuel tube
- Dental floss or dental floss and ca
- 2mm heat shrink

Please post if you have other ideas. We have to improve this mod and stick it to Walkera (i.e. never give them another penny for servos OR servo gears...which are no longer available at the time of this writing).

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