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Posted by bbrstorm | Nov 24, 2010 @ 04:10 PM | 6,573 Views
I really like how easy the slow sticks are to fly. I completely rebuilt my original GWS Slowstick and upgraded and strengthened the whole plane. By making these upgrades, the plane can really be thrown around in the sky and it allows you to speed it up some too

Ask questions if you have any, for a fairly inexpensive build you get a very easy to fly almost anywhere plane. That you can even turn into a fantastic nightflyer!

Parts List:
1 - GWS Slowstick Kit - $30
1 - Exceed RC 75M40 Optima Motor (1200kv 200W) - $15
1 - Exceed RC 30a ESC - $14
2 - Tpro90 9g Servos - $6
1 - MilleniumRC 10mm Stick Parts Kit inc/ Steerable Tail wheel - $15
2 - 3mm Carbon Fiber Rod (Replace Fiberglass Rods in slowstick kit) -$12
1 - Dubro 1.25" Tail Wheel - $4
- Misc Dubro linkage parts visible in photos - $5
- 3m Premium Packaging Tape, Foam Safe CA, Epoxy, Velcor & Zip ties.

RX/TX: any 3CH+ radio you can get a 2.4ghz RX/TX at for $30

Lipo: 2200 20C 11.1v ( $14.99!)

Most of these things came out of my parts box, the local hobby shop and for the motor, esc and servos

The Millennium RC Stick Parts ( are stronger and better designed than the GWS parts. Well worth the $15 for the whole set including a steerable tail wheel which is a must

A few things to note on how to improve the overall strength of this plane:

Main Wing - Epoxy the center plastic wing brace in place. Use the Carbon Fiber Rod in...Continue Reading
Posted by bbrstorm | Nov 11, 2010 @ 07:12 PM | 8,156 Views
For those of you that don't know, RCgroups ran a contest to win a Funjet Ultra w/ Powerpack. Whooohoo I won!

Here is the Build!

All Parts Used:
Funjet Ultra Kit
Funjet Ultra Powerpack (2900kv, 70ESC, Motor Plate, 5x5.5 prop)
2 x HS65MG Servos
2 x 15mm Servo Extension
Airtronics 2.4 RX/TX
Epoxy & Thick CA

The damn stickers were the hardest part, took hours to hand cut and apply each decal as they are on 2 full sheets. Should have just bought paint lol.

Oh well, I'm sure after I total this thing and have to rebuild it I will paint it then

This thing is awesome!

Dan Reading