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Posted by clipper99 | Aug 04, 2011 @ 06:08 AM | 4,552 Views
A flight from last night over downtown. Almost dead calm conditions and the light was just about right too. Perhaps a tad long but hey, the song ain't so bad and there's always the FF bar!

GoPro Hero HD FPV Campbell River - Along the Waterfront (6 min 48 sec)

Posted by clipper99 | Jul 27, 2011 @ 12:39 PM | 3,654 Views
The newer ones are being flown FPV. These are in chronological order, older flights first.

GoPro Hero HD Over Campbell River Sportsplex (5 min 18 sec)

RC Flying Over Campbell River Spit with the GoPro Hero HD (6 min 31 sec)
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Posted by clipper99 | Mar 29, 2010 @ 03:16 AM | 3,967 Views
More vid of my 20" Nutball.

More Nutball Fun (4 min 14 sec)

Posted by clipper99 | Mar 29, 2010 @ 03:14 AM | 4,555 Views
Well today I decided to stop asking and start doing! After almost 3 months of reading various threads I'm armed with enough knowledge leached from all you great builders. I have no EPP foam at the moment so I went to a few local building supply shops and found some 3/4" EPS rigid foam insulation under the brand name of "PlastiSpan" at Home Depot. A bag of 6 sheets 3/4" x 14.5" x 48" was just over $10. I could have got a sheet 48" x 96" for $8 but I noticed they weren't quite flat. The bag of 6 looked totally flat and I've hot glued 3 together tonight so I should be able to get a 42-43" Nutball!
Yes, I know it is less forgiving than EPP but.....this particular Nutball is not going to be flown like my 20" Nutball is. I plan on strapping one, if not 2 point-and-shoot digicams on it for some nice, SLOW, airial photography.
Paint job, if any, will be very basic. Structural support and rigidity will be done with poly-strapping; a method I picked up from troynh here in the forums. Take a look at his build video for an explantion. The part that you want to watch starts around the 2:20 mark and ends around 5:20. For rudder strengthening I'm going to use bamboo skewers. I figure they should just drive right through this stuff. According to my non-scientific calculations I'm going to have about 32oz of thrust and about 22-25oz of plane, not including a camera.

Just to be clear, the following video is not mine, it is troynh's

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Posted by clipper99 | Mar 24, 2010 @ 01:40 PM | 3,722 Views
Excuse the was either me do the video and my 10 yr old daughter fly it or......

Nutball Maiden Flight (1 min 31 sec)

Posted by clipper99 | Mar 10, 2010 @ 02:50 AM | 4,523 Views
What a great day it was weather-wise.

Merville RC Field March 6 (10 min 1 sec)