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Posted by Tha Hodgehound | Mar 04, 2007 @ 12:25 PM | 11,067 Views
Well..I had the scare of my life(literally) Thursday evening March, 1 2007. Americus was hit hard by a tornado. It does really sound like a freight train coming like they say on tv. But you never hear the horn. It just gets louder and louder then you can hear it going away in the other direction. It missed our house by 100-200 yards. Ihad debris from buildings about a mile away in my back yard. We had some minor roof damage ...three holes averaging 1 1/2" in diameter and a piece of 2x4 about a foot long with 2 nails in it that hit with enough force that it actually nailed itself to my roof. And when I removed it there was a complete impression of the 2x4 in thw shingles. WOW A tornado is something you cannot truly describe in words. You have to personally experience it to have any idea of what it is like. This was my first time and I PRAY TO GOD I never have to go through it again! Here are some pics I took walking around my neighborhood.......Continue Reading