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Posted by sickbat | Aug 10, 2012 @ 09:19 AM | 2,650 Views
These are a couple of sebarts ,These planes look and fly so good ,there both 30 sizes the sukhoi is 51'' wingspan and the katana is 49'', there both running hacker outrunners and dualsky esc,and hitec hs65,servos,...Continue Reading
Posted by sickbat | Jul 20, 2011 @ 12:37 AM | 4,300 Views
Hi every 1 .I just finished this ,its a light weight foamy ,its weight is 133 grams with 350mah 2cell lipo,the servos are 1 hitec hs65hb for the ailerons and 2 hxt500's for the elevator and rudder and a c2404 outrunner from hobby city and a turnigy 12amp esc.Its made of 3mm depron and has flat carbon for bracing ,its the 1st time ive built somthing of this weight and wasnt to sure if it would work out or the motor was powerfull enough,but i hovered it in my room and it would hover a bit over half throttle.any way im hoping i get to fly it in the warehouse at work to see how it flys....Continue Reading
Posted by sickbat | May 10, 2011 @ 10:22 PM | 3,982 Views
got this the other day ,it was an easy build with know problems ,im using a dualsky 200watt outrunner and hitec hs65 servos and a 10x4.7 slow fly prop.I left it all white apart from a couple of stickers so i can see it when im flying it, at lit up carparks near my house .have not yet flown it due to windy weather,hopefully the weekend....Continue Reading
Posted by sickbat | May 10, 2011 @ 10:11 PM | 4,203 Views
Got this the other day,its a really easy build and went together with know problems ,apart from making a plywood motor mount for my dualsky motor ,have not yet flown it due to windy weather hopefully on the weekend ....Continue Reading
Posted by sickbat | Oct 13, 2010 @ 10:37 PM | 6,173 Views
I really liked the look of this plane and it flew really good to ,heaps good flatspins and knife edge spins ,knife edge ....Continue Reading
Posted by sickbat | Jul 31, 2010 @ 09:01 AM | 5,721 Views
Its meant to look like a yak55,any way when its not windy in adelaide I fly this plane the most ,its stable for harriers and hovering does cool looking flat spins and knife edge spins,and is pretty strong you can fly flat out and tumble it without it falling to bits,the weight of it started out at 300grams minus lipo and the wing span is 30.6 inches....Continue Reading
Posted by sickbat | May 16, 2010 @ 09:34 AM | 5,930 Views
High its been a little while since ive built a plane so i started this on the 10/5/2010 and finished sunday moring at 2am ,i took my time with this and tried a few different things .The wing span is 916mm and i made it 1inch shorter than the other planes of this size ,i all so didnt use carbon in the wing like i normally do,and i used a solid covering for the top of the plane instead of see thru covering.I test flew it early this morning and there was know wind at all.and worked out the best place for the lipo ,I think in the past i didnt take time to work out the lipo positioning on the plane and roughly put it in the same place on all the planes,but they have all flown pretty good ,but never have been able to hold an inverted flat spin for more than a few revolutions,but this plane does .although it seem easier to knife edge with the lipo more to the front of the plane.but still knife edges really easy and was the most stable plane i have built so far for hovering ,again that might be because of the lipo placement.this plane is allso extremely stable for upright and inverted harriers and a easy plane for rolling harriers .and with the white covering i should never have a problem with orientation of the plane....Continue Reading
Posted by sickbat | Mar 28, 2010 @ 08:36 AM | 6,307 Views
Hi this is a new plane i finished the other night,its got a 30.6 inch wing span and it weighs a bit over 300grams,the motor im using on it is a eflite park 400 920kv out runner witha 10x4.7 prop and a turnigy 30amp esc,with hxt 900 servos and a spektrum 6110e reciever.I used 6.5mm balsa for the fuse and 5mm for the control surfaces ,with a thin carbon strip running under the fuse ,the lipos i will be using are 1000mah to 1300mah 3s .This plane got smashed 1 to many times ,and is not functioning any more ,but out of all the planes ive built and flown this was the most fun ,I didnt need much space to fly it ,and it went exactly where you wanted it to go .It did really good sqaure knife edge loops and sqaure loops,it was the easiest plane to harrier ,and cool looking flatspins upright and inverted,and would tumble flat out without falling to bits and cause of the taller fuse it would knife edge at below walking speed.Any way im going to draw up some plans for it and post them on my blog soon so if any 1 wanted to build 1 they could ,its a pretty simple design and build and is a real fun and cheap plane to try stuff with....Continue Reading
Posted by sickbat | Mar 01, 2010 @ 08:47 AM | 6,758 Views
Hi this is the minibat profile ,Ive been flying this for a few months and have got other pictures on my blog of it,but i thought id post a few more cause its a fun plane to fly,it took 2 days to build and cover which most of the planes i build seem to take cause they are pretty basic,any way this was a real cheap plane to build and i all ready had the balsa and covering ,it probally cost about $10 worth of balsa and it didnt use much covering and the landing gear was bicycle spoke,I wanted to build a smaller profile for a while but wasnt sure how it would turn out with the weight and wether the motor i had would be powerful enough ,I used hxt900 servos and a eflite 400 920kv outrunner the esc is a dualsky 25amp which i already had and had a spare reciever which is spektrum 6110e i roughly copyed a foamy that i scratch built which flew good,and so i started building it and i was stoked when it was finished and couldnt wait to test fly it.its got an extremely fast roll rate the fastest out of all the planes ive flown so far ,but it was stable for harriers and really easy to hover and did flat spins which ive been trying to build a plane that does them upright and inverted for a while now and it did them both ways which i was stoked about and it did good tumbles .It was the 1st plane that i didnt use carbon on and really chucked it around so it seemed pretty strong. And the power to weight ratio is really good, the weight without lipo is 300grams and wingspan is 30.6inches...Continue Reading
Posted by sickbat | Feb 27, 2010 @ 07:38 AM | 6,646 Views
This is another profile ,another 1 of the earlier planes, eflite 480 motor and hs 65servos, it flew not to bad and i cut a hole in the fuse for the lipo to slot into,the rest of the planes i have built have the lipos on the side of the fuse .This red and yellow 1 is 1 of my no carbon profiles ,this was my second attempt at 1 ,the 1st 1 looked good and it actualy flew well but i didnt under stand that much about wing structures and the wing snapped in 2 on the first day of flying it, and i threw it in the bin.this 1 ive flown a few times but took the electrics off to put in another plane ,on this 1 i used 5mm balsa solid running the entire lenght of the wing. but then i worked out how to make a strong wing and i used it on the mini profile plane i built not that long ago....Continue Reading
Posted by sickbat | Feb 25, 2010 @ 05:14 AM | 7,041 Views
These are some of the later planes i have built,the foamy is the plane i scratch built that i based my mini bat balsa profile around,its more of an out door plane ,but i use to fly 1 before i built this that was pretty much the same in this under ground carpark when it was to windy to fly anywhere else,This is another balsa profile that i scratch built ,it took 2 days to build and cover i like the see thru covering and this is a fun plane to fly ,its got carbon in the fuse and wing,the power to weight ratio is really good,and this plane is extremely stable for harriers ,and knife edge is a joke.All up weight without lipo is 500grams and i use 2200mah3s....Continue Reading
Posted by sickbat | Feb 21, 2010 @ 09:04 PM | 7,307 Views
Hi this is a little bit about me ,I live in adelaide australia ,and started flying 3 days after xmas 2008.I started building my own planes and have built roughly 30 or more so far, there been my own design and i have slowly got better at building and at flying, my other interests are bmx bikes and motorbikes and are a big fan of profile planes as you can see by my pictures ,these are some of the planes ive got at the moment and have pictures of ,I have gone through a fair amount of planes in the past and have gone from square wings to tapered wings and from 2 bits of balsa with an allow tube to frame work fuses ....Continue Reading