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Posted by FlyPastTime | Apr 15, 2010 @ 08:15 PM | 2,668 Views
I'm posting some pics of the final build on my BH F-14 Tomcat. For those who had read my previous thread, you'll remember that one of the shafts snapped on a brand new JetScreamer motor and I had to cut into the airframe in order to reach the motor. Which was frustrating because the build on the plane was not even completed when the shaft snapped during a short roll test of the drive system. The good news is that thanks to Victor of Victor's Hobbies in Newark, I have a new New JetScreamer and was able to finally complete the build. I have been waiting for a break in the weather for her maiden flight. I hope to get some video of it when the time comes (fingers crossed for an uneventful first flight). In any event, here are some early pics. Hope you like 'em...

By the way, for you Top Gun fans, what do you think of the pilot's helmets? ...Continue Reading
Posted by FlyPastTime | Mar 27, 2010 @ 01:01 AM | 3,664 Views
Well, here is my build-log for my Starmax F-14 Tomcat. I was hoping to have it completed and ready to maiden this coming weekend. The build was coming along nicely... that is until the second JetScreamer of the project bit the dust. The first one went up in smoke while bench testing it with the battery/fan/esc configuration. I was pretty upset about the first one, but since it was on the bench it was more about frustration with the cost and delays of the project. Fortunately, it wasn't mounted yet.

Unfortunately, the second one was mounted. I was doing a simple run-up of the motors for a short taxi, when SNAP! Whoa... what was that? Yes, that would be the sound of a motor shaft snapping inside of a solidly sealed fuselage with no access. Ugh! I cannot believe my luck with these motors. I was down to detailing the armaments of the model and thinking about it's first flights (should I maiden her with or sans armaments). Now I have to cut up a brand new plane that has never even flown.

At this point, I don't know how long this will set the project back, although I will keep you updated. I would be interested in hearing from others about your experiences with the JetScreamer LittleScreamer motors. This was going to be my first time flying these motors. I was pretty excited about them. Now I'm not so sure. If anyone from JetScreamers is on the boards, please send me a PM, I'd like to discuss the motors with you. I bought them only two weeks ago. But I digress... for those...Continue Reading
Posted by FlyPastTime | Mar 12, 2010 @ 05:20 PM | 2,975 Views
This is the maiden flight of my new Hobby Lobby B-25 Apache Princess. I have to say that HL did a fantastic job on this plane. The attention to detail is wonderful (well, that is with the exception of not having scale pilots in the cockpit). In fact, purists will point out that the bid is not exactly scale (ie: LG doors, counter-rotating props, etc). Regardless, I think that it's a beautiful plane that looks great on the ground and especially so in the air.

As for flight characteristics, it is a little heavy and in my humble opinion, flies like you might expect a scale bomber to fly. She's very steady at speed. However, you will see where I almost lost her on her maiden flight because I reduced airspeed a bit too much and stalled it. Good thing I had enough altitude to recover. All subsequent flights have been smooth and easy now that I know what to expect from her. For hose considering this plane,I would say "Go for it!" she's beautiful and fun. Just remember to keep on the throttle a bit on final as she won't give you much warning before a stall. Enjoy!

B25 Maiden.AVI (4 min 4 sec)

Posted by FlyPastTime | Mar 12, 2010 @ 02:20 PM | 3,079 Views
Just having fun here with my Habu. I put wingtip mounted smoke generators on it and shot onboard video with my mini-cam. Just thought I'd share. Hope you enjoy it.

Parkzone Habu with onboard mini-cam & wingtip smoke generators (4 min 4 sec)

Posted by FlyPastTime | Mar 12, 2010 @ 01:37 AM | 3,624 Views
This is the GWS F-15 Eagle airbrushed in desert camo. I took it out recently for it's maiden flight. It flew fantastic, although I have to do a better job of balancing the fans.

Here is the video of the maiden flight...

GWS F-15 Maiden Flight (2 min 14 sec)

Posted by FlyPastTime | Jan 30, 2010 @ 08:21 PM | 3,050 Views
Sorry if what I'm asking here is something that would be considered basic knowledge. As someone who is fairly new to electric flying, I am doing my best to come up to speed with the many facets of properly setting up a reliable plane. So far most of my planes have been the RTF, PNP, or BNF variety. So there has been very little need to worry about components, other than can I bind it to my DX7.

However, I have now moved into buying bare airframes and filling them with my own components. In looking for a balance between cost-effective and reliable components, I have become quite confused regarding how best to evaluate different pieces and how they may function once I put the electronics together.

For example, I have been reading about problems occuring when using 4 or more servos, particularly with the HXT900s. Some of my EDFs with retracts may use 8 or more. I've read many threads regarding using a BEC when you have 4 or more servos, to prevent the possibility of brown-outs on a 2.4 system. When is it best to use an external (switching) BEC, and can it be used with an ESC that has an internal BEC, such as the E-Flites? In order to to help me get my arms around it, I have included a sample of what one of the setups might include.

Here is what a setup might look like:

Transmitter: Spektrum DX7
Receiver: Spektrum 6200
ESC: E-Flite 40 amp V2 ESC, with dual BEC circuits
Battery: 3s 11.1v 25c 2200 mAh (although I would prefer to use a 4s 14.8 v 30c 3200 mAh, if it wouldn't cook the entire system)
Motor: HL 3-blade XF-Fan 5100kv
Servos: 8 HS-55 Servos (2-ailerons, 2-elevators, 1-nose wheel steering, 3-mechanical retracts)

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts about a setup like this. Thanks for reading.