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Posted by Chinewalker | Dec 31, 2009 @ 06:16 AM | 3,763 Views
I like old boats. Particularly outboard boats, but I'm not anti-inboard. In the 1:1 world, I own close to a dozen boats - everything from 9-foot racing hydroplanes to a 1936 19-foot twin cockpit Hacker-designed inboard runabout with several glassers and tinnies in between.

I also like "small" things. I've always been a model builder. From Snap-Tites to plastic model cars & planes, I build a ton of them. As I moved into my teens I began scratch building things, mostly boats, simply because the things I was really interested were not available in kit form. There was the occasional Mitsuwa plastic boat kit with a Yamaha 55 motor, but I wanted models of boats I was familiar with.

So, here I am. At a point in my life where the like of boats and the small meet power. I am no longer content to build models that collect dust on a shelf, I am taking the leap into getting them wet for more than just a photo op.

Time to go, the bench is waiting...