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Posted by Sandancer | Jan 14, 2013 @ 02:40 AM | 48,577 Views
The Big Beautiful Doll's ~Landing Gear~

UP-DATE 2/04/2013: I've finished my LG mod on the Big Beautiful Doll!

With the up-graded PZ-514s working in conjunction with the Micro Gear sequencer, my work on the BBD's LG is done!

P 51 BBD LG Test (0 min 58 sec)

UP-DATE 1/15/2013: I've U/L 3 videos showing how I up-grade both the PZ-514 & PZ-312 E-Tracts. I've also U/L some pics of my finished Landing Gear!

Much to my surprise FMS has installed the medium sized PZ-15090/PZ-312s in the V7.5 1400mm P-51! There's nothing wrong with the 312s, but I prefer the beefier PZ-15091/PZ-514s personally.

The struts are a nice touch. They're a working oleo 2-piece strut with an aluminum upper section housing the spring, and the lower steel section comprising of the spring compressor down to the wheel axle. The lower steel wired component is encased with a plastic housing along with the lower A-arm scissor. The upper scissor arm is also plastic and is clamped onto the upper section's base. For disassembly (I'll get into that later), you will need a PH0 phillips screw driver, as the A-arm assemblies are linked together with a very tiny phillips screw.

The tire/wheel combo is a vast improvement over those 2 3/4" slotted wheels we've seen on previous FMS planes. These new 3" wheels have a nice firm diamond tread rubber tire mounted on them, and the whole assembly is much more scale to the wheels we see on conventional warbirds. They...Continue Reading
Posted by Sandancer | Jan 10, 2013 @ 02:02 PM | 39,278 Views
The mods on the BBD's Tail Feathers!

There wasn't a lot that needed to be done on the BBD's tail feathers, but as my nature, I managed to find a few things to mod.

Because FMS has already taken the initiative to adequately install spars in both the elevator and two control surfaces, that mod was no longer needed.
They've also added a joiner between the two control surfaces, which most of us have been doing for a couple years now, which now eliminates the need for two control links running to the control horns.
Another kudo to FMS for these new control horns. They're much stronger, and with the correct screws included, not to mention the nice indexing, they are a breeze to install. They've even included the rubber retainer rings for the clevis as well!

During my re-hinging mod I did discover something new. Usually it's quite easy to slice thru the foam hinging, but on this occasion I found that there was some kind of gummy substance clogging up my knife? On closer inspection it appears that FMS has now added some kind of substance to the foam hinge surfaces to eliminate the proverbial dilapidation that occurs over time. Others have mentioned that FMS has recommended smearing their assembly glue over the hinging now, so I guess that might be what it is? In my case the glue, or whatever it is, was put on before the paint process, so I don't know how it would work over paint?
Having removed all the control surfaces, elevator & rudder, I proceeded...Continue Reading
Posted by Sandancer | Jan 07, 2013 @ 04:26 PM | 25,908 Views
My detailing, modifications, and pilot up-grade for the FMS P-51D "Big Beautiful Doll" Cockpit!

I like the concept FMS has devoted to the sliding canopy/cockpit design. The front of the cockpit itself is wide open therefor allowing a lot of air to enter. With the canopy no longer glued down, there should be enough clearance in the rear for adequate air ventilation thru out the cockpit. The dash panel is adequately detailed.

The pilot is the same guy used in the 1/7 scale 1700mm P-51 and just looks out of scale for the 1/8 scale 1400mm P-51, although he does have a better appearance compared to 'ole "Goofie"! Because the new cockpit requires a full figured pilot, and I had my 1/8 scale AOI WWII US pilot, I decided I would combine the two. The fit between the AOI pilot bust and the lower torso of the FMS oem pilot was almost a perfect fit. Glued together with some paint touch-up, it's hard to tell the dissemblance between the two. When he's seated in the cockpit, you can't even tell.

The canopy locks closed with a couple of ball & sockets located on both sides of the sliders. They making opening the canopy a bit difficult, so I am thinking of adding some sort of pull tabs to help aid in that task? I haven't come up with anything that might work, yet retain a scale appearance yet?

UP-DATE 3/19/2013: After repeatedly installing the cockpit on & off the fuse I started to notice a weakness in the forward section!

...Continue Reading
Posted by Sandancer | Jan 03, 2013 @ 01:03 AM | 26,655 Views
I'm going to show how I Dyno Tuned the FMS 14" 4-blade prop!

I must admit, out of the box, this prop needed very little attention.

Dyno Tuning the FMS V7'5 4 blade prop (8 min 23 sec)

My vid is pretty much self-explanatory, but I will go into detail on a couple of things:

In the process of doing the 1mm prop shim mod to increase the blade pitch, I noticed the supplied 3mm x 17mm screws were not fully penetrating the embedded nylon material of the lock nut.

To better explain (and a lot less typing on my part) I found a really good explanation of how a nylon lock nut is supposed to work: "Nylon locking nuts, also known as ny-locks, have a small ring of nylon on one end that forms slightly smaller hole than the threaded hole going through the nut. When the nut is screwed onto a bolt, the bolt has to force its way through the smaller opening, causing the nylon to stretch. This stretching creates a huge amount of friction between the nut and the bolt, allowing the nut to stay tight for long periods of time without coming loose. Nylon lock nuts are especially useful for applications that involve a lot of vibration that would cause regular nuts to come loose."

That said, I decided I was going to use (8) 3mm x 20mm hex screws to secure the blades to the backing plate. As you can see in the thumbnails below, the 20mm screws penetrate the nylon with room to spare.

Note* When doing the 1mm shim mod it will throw the...Continue Reading