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Posted by Sandancer | Nov 24, 2012 @ 11:25 PM | 23,749 Views
Servo Testers......a must have in any RC toolbox!

You can't help but notice all the complaints posted on various threads here on RCG pertaining to disfunctional servos, whacky E-Tracts, inebriated prop blades, and motors & ESC's that just won't co-operate with each other! Suffering thru one of these catastrophic incidents when your plane is 400ft. off the ground can cause undo stress in most instances!

The solution....get a servo tester!

That way you can run a full diagnoses of the electrical system before you ever take the plane off the workbench. A good servo tester can determine if the problem lies in the servo itself, if the lead has a break, is the problem in your Rx, or is it some other mysterious gremlin? How exacerbating is it when you get to the field and in front of all your fellow pilots, you plug the battery in and a metal geared servo starts squealing, or worse yet, it catches on fire! As your plane lifts off the ground you discover that the left E-Tract doesn't know what the right one is doing? You're coming out of a dive and the motor starts making weird sounds, or worse yet, the prop comes un-glued....literally....more stress!

Most of the better servo testers on the market have at least 3 settings.
(1) Manual: Good for checking end-points and motor/ESC compliance.
(2) Neutral: Good for finding the center point of a servo.
(3) Auto: Good for running a servo thru a continuous cycle. This function is great for breaking in...Continue Reading