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Posted by Sandancer | Jun 27, 2011 @ 12:24 AM | 32,587 Views
I haven't decided yet which direction I plan to go with the Landing Gear, but right now it may either be the Global VQ's, or the RCSkyLite 60-120 Pro oleo's? If I use the VQ's it will have to be a combination of the P-40 60's for the mains, and one of the P-51 struts for the nose gear.

The RCSkyLites, on the other hand, would be a total fit! Some mods will need to be done to all 3 pieces, mainly linkage connections. The mains will not need any mod's for length, but the nose strut might need some shortening. At this point I am thinking I might tig weld an arm to the strut to use as a steering arm?
The springs will need to be changed out as they are a bit stiff for the weight of the T-28.

All this is preliminary ideas, so until I can shift my attention to the Trojan, they may change?

UP-DATE 6/30/2011: I got the E-Flite 60-120 Nose Gear Steering Arm in today, and with some mods, I think it will work in conjunction with the RCSkyLites, and the Robart 2 1/4" Goodyears.

UP-DATE 7/17/2011: I was able to get some more work done on the Landing Gear on the T-28 this weekend.

I started on the nose gear assembly, and decided at this time I would continue to use the PZ312 E-Tract I had already modified. If it proves to be not up to the task, it will be a simple up-grade to a PZ514. Because the E-Flite 60-120 nose steering assembly was more stable then the stock, I needed to do two things.
First the original plastic mount had to be...Continue Reading
Posted by Sandancer | Jun 09, 2011 @ 02:56 AM | 33,565 Views
This is my "Un-Boxing & Evaluation of the FMS 1400mm Air Force T-28 Trojan!

I have to say, FMS continues to up the ante every time they release a new plane, and the T-28 Trojan is no exception!

I again ordered the airframe kit as I already have all the electronic items I will need for this build including the various 12 servos this plane requires. For those who are not into the "building thingie" I would suggest getting the ARF, as there are a couple of items that some may not want to mess with. Most notably....the nose gear assembly, and the wiring harnesses. Having already built the B-25 I have some idea how all the linkages should be routed and set up in the nose gear. The only problem I can see at this time might be the nose gear strut? Only time will tell if that proves to be true?

All the Y-harnesses are clearly marked so if time is taken to carefully follow each route then there shouldn't be any problems. I did notice on mine that the two LED Beacon leads were marked #2?

I ordered the Air Force version and the silver is not the same shade as my previous silver birds are? It's more of a Gunmetal/Silver so I guess I'll be doing some mixing to see what I can come up with, as I know I'll need some touching up to do.

The cowl flaps don't look to complicated, but to really make them functional I'll be opening up the air channels a bit. That and doing a little channeling around the engine cylinders should help increase...Continue Reading
Posted by Sandancer | Jun 06, 2011 @ 11:13 PM | 34,900 Views
This is my Squadron of Pilots.

UP-DATE 4/23/2013: A new pilot arrived today and he's taken up space in the barracks!

He's the 1/8 scale WWII *U.S. Marine/Navy Full-Figured pilot out of the stables of Scale Pilots USA. He's a perfect scale fit in both the FMS P-51 "B" & "D" cockpits, although some foam will need to be removed from the "B's" forward section to clear his nicely detailed boots.

*Matt painted this one for me in the Marine/Navy livery, but he can be painted in whatever livery you choose.

Early on during my build of the FMS V3 P-51 apply named "Auntie Samantha" I felt uneasy about disgracing her with such a gaudy looking pilot! One reference was made that he resembled something out of "Avatar". I thought he looked like something out of Disney, so I named him "Goofie"! A name that has stuck ever since!

On my quest to find a suitable replacement for "Goofie" I came across the ESM 1/7 scale WWII Pilots.*NOTE* TroyBuiltModels list them as 1/6 scale, but they are the same dimensions: 74mmW x 73mmH. For the P-51 I chose the ESM WWII British Pilot. For the P-47, and the Corsiar, I decided to slide the ESM WWII American Pilotin the seats of both of them. I also took possession of the ESM WWII German Pilot, but have yet to place him in anything?

During my build of the Starmax...Continue Reading
Posted by Sandancer | Jun 06, 2011 @ 07:37 PM | 27,693 Views
This is my build of the FMS Stuka Ju 87-G! "Construction In Progress"
Posted by Sandancer | Jun 06, 2011 @ 07:35 PM | 27,004 Views
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