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Posted by Sandancer | Oct 16, 2010 @ 11:33 PM | 20,241 Views
The New FMS F4U Corsair!

I just received this BIG Beautiful Plane today, and I thought I would give my preliminary evaluation of it!

First off I will say that FMS has done their homework on this one. They seem to have addressed a few issues in some areas, and still lack in others.

The lackies:
--They are persistent with "Goofie" although they did cut him in half! That's okay, he was easier to remove then he was in the JUG, so he's already gotten his papers and was sent packing!
--The funkie tail wheel is still there, and like the JUG, there is no foam plug for easy removal like the Mustang has. But from what I learned with the JUG, I think I can work around it?
--Because I ordered the airframe from RC Castle, it came with all the servos. I haven't checked them yet?
--The elevator is once again the twin push-rod linkage.
--I couldn't tell at this point if it's the paint, or the rudder hinge is already showing signs of foam dilapidation? Easily fixed with hinges.
--The cockpit area is going to be a bit cramped for electronics, and if the servo tray has to be removed the fuse will have to be split. There is only one opening in the engine compartment for ventilation, and it runs thru the battery compartment (again, no exit to vent in the rear).
--IMO, I don't think the rake mod is going to work on this bird, as it will screw the alignment up in the wheel wells. On that note, I'm not sure the VQ struts are going to work...Continue Reading
Posted by Sandancer | Oct 16, 2010 @ 07:59 PM | 23,894 Views
This is my...~Utility Hanger!~

I'm going to use this page for all my miscellaneous stuff! I get a lot of request for pics and info of something I've done, so I'll post that here as well.

This page will be UP-DATED quite frequently, so if there's something you like, copy/paste it to your 'puter, 'cuz it may not be here next week?

UP-DATE 2/11/2013: Canopy Slider!

I thought I would share some info on how to make a simple canopy slider.

In anticipation of getting my new FMS P-51B I thought I might venture into the possibility of mounting a Malcolm canopy, and make it slide. To do so I needed info on how to accomplish this task so I contacted Lou/LDM "Pilot is now in!!" and was able to get some valuable info from him. He led me to the Evergreen site where I was able to obtain info on the pieces I would need. Once I knew what I needed, I paid a visit to Hobbytown USA, the LHS in Springfield, and was able to acquire the 2 pieces I would need. First I needed the Rectangular Tubing #EVG258, and then a couple strips of H Channel #EVG287. Now all I needed to do is get them to interact with each other?

A slot needs to be cut in the rectangular tube so the H channel will slide inside. Lou suggested using a Dremel cut-off wheel, but I found trying to accomplish that task a bit daunting, especially when trying to keep a straight slot for 14"!

Awhile back I had purchased one of those 4" Mity Mite saws from HFT thinking it would save...Continue Reading
Posted by Sandancer | Oct 16, 2010 @ 07:57 PM | 14,165 Views
This is my Build Log of the.... FMS 57" P-47 Thunderbolt "Jacky's Revenge"!

BEC.......Castle Creations 10A

Ailerons....HXT900 9g
Flaps........HXT900 9g
Elevator....HiTec HS-82MG
Rudder.....Hextronic MG-14

Struts.......40-120 Aluminum oleo P-51
Tail Wheel..Handmade

Recommended CG is 80-85mm from LE.

Following throws are from a fellow forum member:
Ailerons: 1/2" each way
Elevator: 3/4" each way low rate __1 1/2" each way high rate only for taxi to keep the tail planted.
Rudder: As much as you can get
Flaps: As much as you can get
Posted by Sandancer | Oct 16, 2010 @ 07:54 PM | 12,468 Views

Posted by Sandancer | Oct 16, 2010 @ 07:52 PM | 13,722 Views

UP-DATE 2/13/2011: Got back on the JUG this past week, and got some work done on the 'ole girl's Tail Feathers!

I cut the control surfaces in preparation of re-hinging both the elevator and rudder. But first I needed to install a spar so I routered a groove to install the .220 x .092 flat CF. I glued the spar in with GG, and once cured, I filled with Squadron putty and sanded smooth.

Once the spar was done I started on the hinging. I used some pivot point hinges on the rudder, and some of these Super Lite hinges from HK. This is the first time I have used these, but I must say I do like their concept. They slip in just like a regular pinned or CA hinge. They have a dam which keeps the CA from getting on the pivot section, and were easy to install.

After getting the hinging done, I set out to install the .092 joiner rod on the two control surfaces to eliminate the dual push rod set-up....Continue Reading
Posted by Sandancer | Oct 12, 2010 @ 11:36 PM | 14,864 Views
P 47 JUG Tail Wheel (1 min 14 sec)

I have to admit this mod took me some time to complete, as I debated back and forth how I was going to do it?

Because I am using the FMS/PZ E-Tracts for the mains, I wanted to use the same unit for the tail wheel. What I opted for was the HK/PZ E-Tract with the smaller base plate because first, I was going to be making my own mounts, & second, it's much easier to turn a 4mm round leg then shape a 5mm square leg.

Because of the room this assembly needs for clearance I decided to go against scale and have the tail wheel retract forward. Once I started cutting foam, everything I was trying to accomplish became much easier.

One thing I thought I would have to sacrifice was the forward vert. stab. mount? For now I was wanting to keep the option of removing the vert. stab./elevator assembly in case the need arose. I was able to come up with an idea to achieve this by simple cutting the forward mount off and devising a my own with a 3mm T-nut and a brace glued to an upper ridge.

Of course I was going to make some bay doors! I used the same technique for these as I did on the Mustang....Continue Reading
Posted by Sandancer | Oct 12, 2010 @ 09:21 PM | 13,663 Views

FMS overlooked this one!

One nice attribute to the nose of the P-47 is the Waste Gate for that massive Pratt&Whitney 18 Cly. Wasp engine! So I decided I'd build my own.

UP-DATE 10/21/2010: I wasn't satisfied with my original idea for the Oil Cooler Vent and Deflector shield, so I went back to drawing board and come up with something a bit more scale....Continue Reading