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Posted by Troy S | Jan 01, 2011 @ 09:13 PM | 2,700 Views
Purchased a FW-190A built from a kit but never finished. I have already converted it to electric but the maiden flight didn't go so well, so I will be posting up some pics as I go along with repairs and alterations.

I have removed the old retract setup that was built into the wing. It was made from plastic and on the crash one of them had broken. Unfortunately the design required opening up the covering, low and behold the access hole I cut was of no use they had to be accessed from the top of the wing!.

So I have now reworked the retract cut outs to use the new larger size servoless retracts from HK or Hobbypartz and since the wing was apart I built in servo areas and prewired for the future if I decide to go with the servos at the ailerons. It came with the rods extending out through the wings to the ailerons.

Some pics so far.

Battery just fits! The original motor mounts was reused for the battery support

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