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Posted by RaySuave | Oct 31, 2013 @ 08:35 AM | 2,859 Views
I love console gaming as well as operating remote control models. Since both hobbies require use of the same type of input via hand held controls, over the years I have tried to use similar control schemes where ever I can. In every game I play that requires movement on a vertical axis, I always invert this axis so my hands wont get confused when piloting a plane or a heli. Some games dont give you the option to invert the vertical axis like a lot of Xbox 360 Arcade games. I have also found that most games related to some type of flight combat simulation always have the control in a "mode 1" configuration and wont let you change it to "mode 2" configuration which is the mode I use for model aircraft.

This CRONUS Device will let you map your control scheme anyway you wish without being hindered by the limited schemes that come stock with the game. I have an Xbox 360 and a PS3, I like the 360 controller a lot better than the PS3 controller. This device also lets me use a 360 controller on a PS3. Its also lets you use these types of console controllers with a computer. I've been using this thing about a year and totally satisfied, it does exactly what it claims.

To use the 360 controller with a PS3, you will need to also have a Microsoft wireless receiver. To use this device in conjunction with an Xbox 360, you will need to have an xbox wired controller to acquire some type of decryption key.



CONFIGURATION TOOL (ex. using a PS3 controller on Xbox 360)