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Posted by batfire | Feb 04, 2013 @ 01:14 AM | 9,485 Views
X-Spider Hybrid All-out hover time duration Quadcopter

I have been in the laboratory hard at work coming up with the copter that will destroy the ( All-out time duration ) competition this year at the Mr. Lifter 2013 Multi Rotor Contest. As many know last year the winner for “All out time duration” was “End of Days” with an incredible hover time of 65:29 minutes. He also won Controlled Heavy lifter and “The Furthest Distance” competitions with an amazing 6.5Km out and back flight. If you see him around the net give him a big at-a-boy for the outstanding great effort and work he put into the project.

What you might not have known though was that the hover flight on one battery was another 30mins longer by MD4-1000 at 1hr 28mins and 1 second on Feb 10, 2012; you can check it out on YouTube.

Urs Meier: "I've seen it... Record flight of microdrone md4-1000. Incredible Endurance!" (2 min 17 sec)

X-Spider Hybrid

The XSpider is designed from the ground up to beat that time by a good margin on a single battery. How? Well let’s look at the hardware being used on the X-Spider copter.

MOTORS and PROPS: MT3506-25 650Kv will be used swinging 16”x4 CW and CCW Xoar wood props. The time estimates along with motor, prop, battery selection were determined after many hours of using not only the eCalc but also the Tetacalc_2.03 programs.

FRAME: The body of the copter comprises of the Turbo Ace hub and aluminum arms. The top and bottom XAircraft Device...Continue Reading