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Posted by batfire | Dec 17, 2012 @ 12:04 AM | 14,397 Views
An Introduction to the Multicopter World

By Batfire

So you have aspirations to learn to fly multicopters? You say you canít decide whether to build or buy an ARF- RTF version. You say you have no previous experience with helicopters or multicopters but hey youíve been flying RC airplanes for many years, how hard can it be? Well my response to these questions would be how hard and how costly do you wish to make it?

Building and flying multicopters is very different from other types of construction and RC flying. This type of flying is very rewarding but without a little modest research, self-training, experimentation and an enthusiasm to learn it can be a very costly endeavor. I will strive to explain the process by introducing you into the world of multicopters with this article. I will attempt to illustrate certain options available to you and the rationalizing for each.

I Want It All

I realized after the number of threads I have browsed on RC Groups and other net groups that many of you come to this segment of the hobby for the photographic and FPV possibilities. You like what this platform has to offer but you have little or no flight experience in multicopters.

When it comes to photography many desire a large multicopter capable of carrying a Canon DSLR or similar camera and hovering hundreds of feet in the air shooting live video and stills. Some individuals wish to fly across the countryside shooting FPV video and conveying the best...Continue Reading