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Posted by prodriverex | Oct 18, 2012 @ 12:54 AM | 6,042 Views
Here's the mod Deans to accommodate anti-spark. However, this is the battery side.

Really, nothing to mod except I just superglue them together and clamp it till dry with heat gun and then shrink wrap them after soldering the cross link and to the battery:

The other connector is the balancing connector wired to adapt Schulze charger. Not ready to wrap yet, waiting for a resistor to be added so that the charger will auto recognise the charge current for this pack.

Here's another view. I have pumped in hot glue into the hole where the shrink did not close all the way on the main connector.
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Posted by prodriverex | Oct 18, 2012 @ 12:43 AM | 9,406 Views
I am copying and pasting the following info from my entire build log just so to focus on the PDB alone.

The objective is to hard mount all the ESCs for the multirotors on a single plate of PDB, double sided. Since there is none in the market to handle the higher than expected current and power, the only way to test the idea is to build one, out of acrylic and copper sheet.

So here goes.
Now that the frame and motor mount and motor is done.. time to move up the base and think of how to mount the ESC.

My design believe in having a low CG and all components should concentrate to the middle as much as possible. Even my base plate is very small at 100x100mm for a 750mm Quad.

So to reduce wire and cable clutter, I want to formulate my own PCB to carry those power.

So the idea came from

Its interesting to learn that one can laser print onto practically any flat surface, literally.. But instead of meddling with pungent chemicals, i decided to adopt my own method..

Here's the PCb plan on drawing:

S that means, we can employ the same manner to transfer these lines onto a sheet of copper! Voila!

But which paper or foil to use? I suppose using the aluminum foil looks better as I can see how the print out will turn out.. But before I can do that, I think it may sense to reverse the color like this:

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