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Posted by MikeRx | Jan 19, 2017 @ 11:18 AM | 2,190 Views
Electra Shark (3 min 23 sec)

No plans. Airlfoil is carefully sanded 6mm layer, laminated with 1/32" balsa.
3/32" balsa elsewhere.
Motor is DYS Fire 32gram, 2100kv.
DYS XS30a. esc.
Maytek bec.
3 gram digital servos.
4x4" quad prop.
370-450 mah battery (2xseries)
7.4 oz, 210 grams rtf.
Draws only 15a at over 40,000 rpm!

Thank you Scott for camera.
Posted by MikeRx | Jan 12, 2017 @ 02:41 PM | 1,604 Views
27" (687mm) , 7.4 Oz (210 g) with 6s.
370 mah 6s.
2100 kv quad motor spins light 4x4" prop over 40k.
Everything runs cool, including tiny JST connectors.

Foam core with 1/32" sheet.
3/32" balsa fuse and fins.
No carbon needed.
All T.E. less than 1mm.
C/A hinges.

Shown with 24" 160 g. 5s version..
Posted by MikeRx | Jan 09, 2017 @ 09:23 PM | 1,263 Views
Another 24" racer with foam core and balsa wing.
100 grams empty.
5s, 370 mah weighs 59 grams.
Now using 6s quad esc..9g.

Last one to feature an HK 2300kv, 17g. motor

Next up... A 27" 6s racer at 200 grams..
Using racing quad motors for 500 watts to 200g!
Posted by MikeRx | Mar 01, 2016 @ 08:48 PM | 2,541 Views
Lightest wood aircraft to go 100 mph level flight.
5.7 oz with 370 mah 18.5v.
4.5 oz with 370 2s.
No plan. Highly sanded depron core wing with 1/32" sheet.
24" wing, 20" long. 3.5oz empty.
Posted by MikeRx | Feb 20, 2016 @ 12:46 PM | 3,137 Views
"Quarter Pounder Racer"
All wood, foam core 22" wing.
120 grams auw with 300 mah 4s.

Could This Be The Lightest 100mph

More details and vids coming..

Edit.. Too small and light. Not enough power for 100 mph.
moving on. See above....
Posted by MikeRx | Oct 16, 2015 @ 02:43 PM | 3,580 Views
There is always the question of which colors are more visible..
In my case, I decided to add the entire neon palette!

This is the fourth 5s modified Baby Shark, with the last lacking in visibility.
Posted by MikeRx | Oct 01, 2015 @ 10:51 PM | 3,778 Views
Light weight brings over 100 mph on less than 10 amps, and up to 5 minutes flight from only 300 mah out of a $9, 370 pack!
I have spent thousands on thrills that did not equal the fun and attention this little plane brings.
This third prototype took 12 hours to cut, sand, and paint.
It uses a no pin Lemon rx that weighs 1.4g!
Everthing is direct soldered to the rx.
The most expensive component is the $33 esc, with everything
totaling about $100.
The Talon 25 esc is lightened to 9.8g.
I bought a new GREX airbrush so expect more artsy craft like this.
Look close and you can see the clear yellow top window with gear under..
Posted by MikeRx | Aug 06, 2015 @ 11:14 PM | 3,589 Views
Here is a slimmed down and lightened Nano planes Babyshark.. this time on a 370mah 5s!!
R415X rx with 3g digital servos.
HK 2211, 2300 kv 17g motor with Talon 25 esc.
Nanotech 370mah, 2 and 3s in series.
4x4" GWS

24" wing. 610mm.
5.5 oz , 156g with lipo.
5 minutes mixed throttle flight on only 370mah packs!

**Update.. "7" has retired after over 100 flights, still in flying condition.
Replaced with new stiffer and lighter frame with new packs!!

** This is the discontinued Nanoplanes kit, with free plans found here.. http://www.nanoplanes.net/bshark.html
Notice the video on the website.. this 5s is much lighter and as fast.
Very dynamic!!
Posted by MikeRx | Jan 03, 2014 @ 12:21 PM | 5,720 Views
I am currently offering my 30 years of r/c experience to help build and fly any project one may need help with.
I can answer questions related to flight, and perhaps, provide a little inspiration to dream up something special.
It is part of my master plan to continue to build my resume, and further sharpen my crafting and flight skills.

Everyone is welcome to message me for questions or ideas related to fixed wing craft.

Happy flying! Mike
Posted by MikeRx | Dec 17, 2013 @ 01:42 PM | 5,386 Views
Ok here is another $20 wonder kit.. yes for less than $100 for everything including rx, you can have a mini-pylon racer that has moves and a power to weight ratio that rivals much more expensive ships.

Mine, at a mere 5.5 oz auw with 4s battery, gets up to 5 minutes flight on only 360 mah of capacity! It is hard to comprehend how something goes so fast, for so long, for so little $!

This one has had a couple bad crashes, but repairs easily using a little c/a, sanding and paint.

Gear: Spektrum ar6310, HK 2.9g digital servos, HK 17g 2300kv motor, Plush 10a esc. Krylon white primer, matte black, and orange (curb) paint.
Easy stencil for checkers.

Modifications: 6mm depron horizontal stab for weight savings and balance.
2 servos on aileron set up for flaperon.
Front and rear spar deleted for weight savings, micro carbon added to tips to prevent breakage.
Magnet hatch.
Micro hinges on surfaces, no tape.
Lightest gear available chosen.
360 mah 4s homemade battery.
Posted by MikeRx | Nov 26, 2013 @ 11:01 PM | 6,042 Views
Another cool Nanoplanes.net kit.. 24", 13 oz. with 4s battery.
Power and tiny size makes it crazy fast.

These are some of the best kits from the USA and I am proud to represent them!
Posted by MikeRx | Nov 03, 2013 @ 08:03 PM | 6,130 Views
These are proving to be faster than my wings using the same power system and coming in at the same weight.

24" of dynamic 3mm foam pylon racer..

5.5 oz with 360mah FOUR cell!
HK 2300kv 17g.motor with 4x4" GWS drawing less than 10a. =3 min,wot.
3g digital servos with AR6310 set to 2048 resolution, and 11ms. speed on DX9.

This one has an internal digital servo for each aileron utilizing flaperons for killer turns.

Fast, precise, and FUN!
Posted by MikeRx | Aug 22, 2013 @ 04:40 PM | 6,597 Views
Here is # 9! These are all prototype 22" KF wings that are fully sanded 4 layer 6mm depron and 5mm Midwest Cellfoam. (All trailing edges are 1mm, etc.)
There seems to be an evolution of this series as each prototype seems to fly a little better based on a continual change of sweep and cord.

This one uses 1/2" more cord and lenth, 1/4" more elevon, 1" more nose width at the wing LE, and more dihedral.
Weight is up .4oz to 5.5 oz (156g.) with 450mah 3s, but wing loading is the same.

The term 3d wing has been mentioned alot becuase of the wing's ability to hang on post-stall in upright and inverted harrier..under control..without rudder or vectored thrust. I measured a peak of 16 oz thrust on 5.7 oz flying weight
Oh.. and it can go 70mph
Posted by MikeRx | Aug 14, 2013 @ 05:06 PM | 7,284 Views
These aircraft are getting alot of attention wherever I fly!
Everyone so far is a new prototype with design changes..
Green is #6 22", #7 (pink) is the new 24".
The latest being a sweep change, fins, and a wing increase to 24".
Every change so far seems to net some kind of positive result, although I have lost some inverted harrier control, while gaining upright harrier.
They are fast like a pop wing, but can stall into maneuvers that people consider 3D, and fly super-slow.
Huge elevons, huge thrust, and light weight add up to a very compelling package that I fly in the tightest of space.

I am also testing inexpensive gear including the new $8, 1.9g. Lemon RX recievers for JST plugs used on the $6 HK 3g. digital servos.

I will post a build and flight videos..
Posted by MikeRx | Jun 24, 2013 @ 04:55 PM | 6,370 Views
Now using 6mm depron, larger moments, and more focused airfoil for superior results.
This little home-foam wing is making other planes gather dust, including the very Inverza the motor/esc came from.
So simple, yet sooo dynamic.
Come fly with me!
Posted by MikeRx | Jun 18, 2013 @ 12:46 PM | 6,705 Views
Sometimes the best things are made by one's self.
Meet the third in my BB (backyard blaster) series.. the 22" Magnum!
I say magnum because despite the small size, it packs an available 4s punch!
Although this is a sanded KF model in 5mm Midwest CellFoam, it makes the my hotrod mini Stryker seem kinda weak, and my light F27-c seem a little heavy.

Using the same digital servos, motor, and esc as an Efight Inversa, Edge QQ.

I cannot get over how well balanced this one is.. the motor, esc, and servos do not have to work too hard.
Despite being nearly twice as heavy as my UM Stryker, it can fly as slow, but also much faster in more windy conditions.
5oz with 450mah 3s. 5.7oz with 500mah 4s.
I hope to have a GoPro mounted (to my head) soon to capture the excitement!
Posted by MikeRx | Aug 22, 2012 @ 01:06 PM | 6,881 Views
I will take your broken parts, uncompleted projects, or good idea, and turn it into a masterpiece. Need an idea? I can build something unique.
If you do not have the time or experience to build something, LET ME.
I specialize in high performance electrics, but can work with glow, gas, turbine, or beginner projects, as needed.
If instruction or testing is needed, I will be happy to help.

I have directed many on the street who have watched me fly to this blog..

Here is an example of something unique using $120 in easily obtained parts, including a custom wound motor...
Posted by MikeRx | Apr 22, 2012 @ 03:37 PM | 7,109 Views
I thought it would be nice to share one of my occupations, designing and building experiemental UAVs for a private company that hopes to use them for maritime defense and surveillance applications.
I have been able to take my 30 years hobby experience in R/C aircraft and run with it after being recruited 6 months ago by some gentlemen hoping to showcase "artificial intelligence" software in an application that involved FLIGHT.

The name is the "Poseidon Project".
We are hoping to eliminate the need for armed guards to protect ships on the high seas from pirate attacks.
The economic loss is in the billions over the years and people are getting tortured and killed with little being done to prevent the losses.
We have developed artificial intelligence to seek out and lock on to identified
targets using special designed, ship based turrets housing lethal, and/or non-lethal weapons. (in accordance with international laws).
I am building and flying the aircraft that are launched out of the turrets.

The TRIDENT is a fully autonomous multi-duty aircraft , capable of 10-20+ mile range and video feed, in addition to high intercept speed. (100mph+)
The current version is 5000-10000mah 12s, or 11600mah 10s, 3kw+,
19x12 or 20x15" APC prop.
Constructed of foam core covered in heavy glass with mutiple carbon spars.
"Blue Tube" rocket tube/cones are fitted and glassed on wing.
JR radio gear with Pheonix HV II controller.
Eflight 160...Continue Reading
Posted by MikeRx | Nov 20, 2010 @ 11:00 AM | 8,441 Views
Howdy all!
I must say that I am TICKLED to be in the hobby these days!
I converted to electrics over the past couple years after 25 years of all glow/gas and have had quite a few adventures already!
$99 high performance aircraft?? Indeed!
I remember my first ARF around 1982 when I was 12. It was a .25 size "stick" style sport aircraft with printed graphics over a mixed foam-board and covering covered fully built up balsa/ply structure. It was roughly the size of the planes pictured in this blog, but TWICE the weight, and get this.. $119.00! plus tax THEN.
Sadly, it crashed on the first flight because the "printed" on CG was way off in a death tail heavy kinda way. We moved on quick to bigger and better things and turned out some nice aircraft, even painted our own pattern aircraft in the mid 80s.

I must say I am spoiled these days with the level of quality! Read threads on "$99 buck huck"...