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Posted by airplanfreak | Jun 01, 2010 @ 01:25 AM | 3,119 Views
1. Parkzone T-28D with turnigy 35-36c and Eflite 40A ESC. Flaps cut but tapped to wing at this point. Flown quite a bit and has slight wear with no crashes. She is about 20MPH faster than stock
2. Parkzone T-28: Brand New with 2.4 Spektrum recierer. She is a bute.
3. Seagull Extra 300: Light Suffs to Fiberglass fuse. Fun to fly and does 3d !!!! She has been lightly crashed 2 times.
4. Great Planes Wright Flyer: Upgraded with wood parts to replace flimsy plastic parts. Rough unless there is no wind.
5. Mini Aerocat: Flown 5 times and flys great with no damage. Great fast and slow flyer.
6. Fiberglass P-51: Thunder Tiger 15, Futaba Servos, and Ar500 RX. Rough on takeoff and landing.
7. L39 Rxr. She is my first jet and it shows.