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Posted by Silverexpress | May 14, 2013 @ 12:48 AM | 6,177 Views
I've watched handfuls of Youtube videos, and also picked up and read a few books on glow engines from the AMA store in Muncie. This is what I've learned....

Unlike the engine in your car, lawnmower, leafblower, snowmobile...etc that uses a choke to increase the fuel content for cold starts; a glow engine on the otherhand is the opposite, it requires more air to start.

So to get more air into the engine, use your forward throttle trim. How much trim at the start depends on how your Low Idle Needle valve is set. The more rich the idle mixture the more forward trim will be needed. You can also carefully clear a flooded engine this way, but as long as you have not reached the "LOCKED" state. This is the point wherein there's so much unburnt fuel trapped below the piston that basically it prevents the engine from turning.

So the above is for starting only. Once the engine has started, put the trim back down to zero. If your Idle Stop Screw is set correctly, the engine should remain running.

Another thing I careful when your adjusting the mixture and idle screws. If you back them out too much, they will leak air into the carb. This will lead to a lean and hot running engine. You can test for this by spraying nitro cleaner at a screw. Your engine will hesitate if it sucks in the cleaner solvent.
Posted by Silverexpress | May 13, 2013 @ 11:42 PM | 7,384 Views
This is my 2nd Nitro off-Road truck, Team Associated's 2wd SCT. This one is very different from the TLR Ten-SCT. First off, it's only 2wd and this means you have to drive it! I learned that you've got to be real careful with the throttle around turns, that you have to use your brakes, and that it flies over bumps due to its lighter weight. It's also simpler mechanically, which is kinda nice since it lowers the amount of maintenance you need to do to it, and plus there's less stuff to damage. Cleaning is a cinch - I use a hand vac with a mini nozzle adapter to vacuum the dirt and dust in the time it takes to charge the LiPo4.

The TLR on the other hand has 4wd, so it plows thru bumps, claws around curves, and launches itself over hills. Has a load of mechanics due to its 4wd, and the weight to go with it. Two very different animals to say the least. If TLR ever puts out a 22 SCT Nitro, I'll be all over it. Anyhow, this SC10GT is a blast to drive - it takes skill to drive it around a course, and I plan on working at it till I get good....Continue Reading
Posted by Silverexpress | Apr 16, 2013 @ 12:26 AM | 15,251 Views
Discovered this truck was on sale for nearly 1/2 off, so I purchased one. It's got some so-so reviews on-line, but what I found out was that it had to do with a poor setup from the factory, and lack of understanding in regards to inexperienced drivers. We'll see as time goes on what other quirks it has. I also like to mod things so I'll add a list of things I've tried that has worked and those that didn't....

Here's a real great thread on it with some very helpful tips....

This thing is a blast. There's a dirt track that is about 10 miles from my house. I plan on making it out there at least once a week to practice for now, and then race in the winter.

Update: Did some research on suspension setups, and as is the stock settings were to soft for the track I ran it at last Sunday - Dirt Burners, Livonia Michigan. That's why I lost the tail lights. Rear end was bottoming out after that big jump. I'll change out the shock oil to something a bit higher in viscosity, and possibly go up to firmer springs in the front. We'll see. I love tweaking.


05/13/2013 - Added pics of Spektrums 3300T receiver. Did some research before swapping to this rx. Here are the key points to ponder:
1. There are two version of the...Continue Reading
Posted by Silverexpress | Mar 05, 2011 @ 01:31 AM | 6,806 Views

Multiplex Funjet Ultra with FY30A
(Build, Testing, Summary, Complete)

Multiplex Twister with Aileron and Elevator Gyros:
(Build, Testing, Summary, Complete)

UM P-51D with Aileron Gyro:
(Build, Testing, Summary, Video, Complete, )

UM T-28 with Aileron Gyro:
(Build, Testing, Summary, Complete)

UMX Beast with Aileron and Elevator Gyro:
(Build, Testing, Summary, Complete)

Parkzone P-47 with an FY30A (Also pics of my PZ F4F with 3 seperate gyros):
(Build, Testing, Video, Summary, Complete)

Stevens-Aero Skybuggy 100 and Swift 100 Balsa kits with E-Flites AS3X board:
(Build, Testing, Summary, video, Complete)

Stacking Mosfets on a UM 6400 boards and including AS3X <-------------Click on Link
(Build, Testing, Summary, Complete)

Hacker Skyfighter Combat Wing using HJoor's method for two gyros with TX mixing.
(Build, Testing, Summary, Video, Complete)

Portable Windsock Reading
Posted by Silverexpress | Feb 18, 2011 @ 07:17 PM | 6,591 Views
1. Gyrobot 900 Wing ( and Jet)

2. FY-Tech FY20A.
-Outdated technology now. Very limited in regards to adjustments. Cannot
upgrade firmware.

3. FY-Tech FY30A

4. FY-Tech FY31A

5. EagleTree Guardian 2D/3D

6. EagleTree Guardian

7. Eagle Hobby A3

8. Eagle Hobby A6

9. Futaba GY350

10. Futaba GY351

11. Futaba GY352

12. JR G500A

13. JR G370A

14. KK Multicopter/Aeroplane Board

15. Uthere Ruby

16. Weatronic Dual RX with Integrated Gyro(s)

17. Spektrum AS3X receivers

18. Blue-Light Tech BL-3GRC (Ice-Man)

19. Blue-Light Tech BL-3GMOD

20. KK2 Board with Openaero2 software

21. BavarianDemon Cortex
-Parent company is Captron, the makers of Helicommand. Excels
in bailout mode, and self leveling without the use of accelerometers.

23. Futaba CYA431
-Dual Axis Airplane Gyro unit. 2013-

24. Futaba CYA430
-Single Axis Airplane Gyro. 2013-


1. Gyrobot 900
-Utilizes 3 axis mems gyro and accelerometers.

2. Gyrobot 700

3. Skookum SK720/SK720BE (w/upgraded gyros and accelerometers)
-Utilizes 3 axis mems gyro and accelerometers. Has bailout and self stabilizing...Continue Reading
Posted by Silverexpress | Feb 10, 2011 @ 10:55 PM | 5,903 Views
Flight logs in Excel. I use this to keep track of my flights.

I seem to be averaging 20 flights before a crash, so I'm trying hard to raise this number.
Posted by Silverexpress | Jan 23, 2011 @ 01:25 AM | 5,693 Views
DC Electricity to Water Analogy
AMPS vs. VOLTS vs. C (From
By Ed Anderson
aeajr on the forums

This brief discussion is intended to clear up a few terms and concepts
around electricity as it applies to electric airplanes.
Think of electricity like water. Volts = pressure Amps = flow
Volts is like pounds per square inch, psi. Says nothing about how much
water is flowing, just how hard it is being pushed. You can have 100 psi
with zero water flow.
Amps is flow, like gallons per hour. You can have flow at low pressure and
you can have flow at high pressure.
Amp hours is how much flow can be sustained for how long. It is used as a
way of measuring how much electricity is in the battery. Like how many
gallons of gas in your tank. It is a capacity number. Says nothing about
flow or pressure, it is about capacity.
Amps and mili amps? We are just moving the decimal point around.
1 amp (short for ampere) = 1000 miliamps (mili means 1/1000 amps)
So a 7 cell NIMH or NICD pack provides 8.4V (pressure).
The motor will draw electricity from the pack at a certain flow rate, or
If you have a have a 650 mili amp hour pack, it can deliver a flow of .650
amps (650 miliamps) for one hour. If you draw it out faster, it
doesn'...Continue Reading

FPV Info

Posted by Silverexpress | Jan 14, 2011 @ 03:10 PM | 5,713 Views
I'm just getting into FPV, and I love it. Here are tid bits of information I've comeupon. But first let me express what I want to get out of FPV.

1. First person view of flying my rc planes/helis/multicopters at the flying field.
2. Search and retreive (especially downed RC planes in big farm fields)
3. Sighting fish for fishing
4. Sighting deer
5. Sighting wild animals
6. To get the grand view of things (with a bit of common sense)
7. Formation team aerobatics
8. Solo 3D and Aerobatics

Next, let's check out some videos of those who've I feel have succeeded:

First is VRFlyer. He accomplished this way back in 2008!
My dream plane 3 (8 min 20 sec)

F-16 FPV Full operational (4 min 49 sec)
...Continue Reading
Posted by Silverexpress | Jan 14, 2011 @ 09:45 AM | 5,588 Views
Here is information I've collected on the internet.

The first is a link at FPV-lab with pictures of my own setup.
Posted by Silverexpress | Mar 02, 2010 @ 10:08 AM | 6,570 Views
NASA Cultural Resource Videos on Youtube: Declassified videos of aircraft testing. Neat stuff.

Protecting the foam:


Interesting way to balance a prop:

Use of Gyros on Planes:

Question: Why do some 3 axis gyros use a pitot tube for airspeed?
Answer: This is from David Anker's post in DIY Drones:
"Ah the Gaui-365, this is a blast from the past. I went looking for the one I sold cheap on eBay but it was so long ago eBay doesn't have the item any more. All I can find is the thread where I bought one:

Sure, it will work on a plane but there are much cheaper and easier solutions.

See this thread, posts 85 and 90 from 2008:

I do not recommend the Gaui-365 on a heli unless you are on a really tight budget, even then it is best to just stick to a flybar. The Gaui has a number of problems related to vibration (the manual recommends sticking coins to the unit, seriously!
...Continue Reading