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Posted by whiskykid | Jan 23, 2010 @ 06:05 PM | 9,707 Views
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here are the two projects I hav under construction!
the bandit is the first 1 I started,from jetset44 plans. its 80% done. waiting for finnal fan installation, then finnish glassing,paint and reinstall of electronic's, gonna hav flaperons and ele. only on the bandit, for simplicity only!hobbycity 55mm fan,1800 ma 3s1p 20c lippy batt.turnegy 30 amp esc.
the mig 29 lookin one! is a jetset44 su-37 super flanker! bashed inta a mig 29! shortened up the nacells,and sized ta fit a 55mm no lip fan, redesinged vert. fins, and reshaped elevators.
I'm utalizing the fake nacell tops, by cutting the deck underneath ta fit fan,which allowed me ta trim,another 5mm from bottom of nacells.gonna b using foam cups ta make exsuast tips from. and angle sides of nacells instead of dblrs ta increase intake area.ta help round off the bottoms.
well b using 3/16th balsa for ailerons and rudders, and ta beaf up elevators!
I plan on using 5 9grm servo's on the mig, 1 each aileron,1 each taileron, and 1 for the rudders. I'll use the elerons as elevators when at high speed and then mix with ailerons when doing slow high alfa stuff.might use flap option,as I hav enough channels on radio(futaba9c),just need ta get a reciever with enough channels.
thats what I'm upta! hav a great day and build something! flying season almost here!