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Posted by TheOldGuard | Feb 16, 2010 @ 10:07 PM | 26,749 Views
This is my attempt at creating a build/mod/information blog on the FMS 57" WS EPO foam P-51 D Mustang, mainly concentrating on Version 3, which is what I have, however I will try to include Version 4 specs as they come available, which is being released as this is written. This is going to be a mix of items from the Thread that was started in August 2009 that is now well over 202 plus pages and over 3000 plus posts!!! I will continue to add as time allows a lot of information that I have been gathering since the first post up and too the last post (which is forever growing) from various individuals. I am most grateful to these folks for their knowledge and expertise in so many facets of RC aircraft, and if something you have posted is not mentioned or seen here do not take it personal as this is a compilation of article/mods/thoughts & feelings that I feel are important to me and worth mentioning. Hopefully someone will find this helpful and answer questions one might have without having to search endlessly without finding an answer!

Photo courtesy of Carlos (Guapoman2000) and the Orlando RC Group

FMS P-51 D Mustang Build Notes & Modifications


Version 1: 3S-Setup Prototype Version: 1800mAh, 11.1V Lipo / 30A ESC and 770KV motor & fixed gear, delivery by beginning of September 2009.

Version 2: 4S-Setup 2200mAh, 14.8V Lipo / 45A ESC and 540KV motor & fixed gear (...Continue Reading