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Posted by fur_ball40 | Sep 28, 2012 @ 11:05 PM | 3,136 Views

I am receiving an error message from my Thunder Power TP-610C,
Charger. It says "[1] Voltage Error or Wrong Polarity
And the Manual is not helping ,,,its not doing what the manual tell me to do???
It looks like the battery has a low change

Battery recovery mode for Lipo and A123
When a battery pack is extremely over discharged, the charger will refuse to initiate. At this time, you can increase the voltage to normal
by using recovery mode. We strongly recommend this mode for experienced users onl y. When the LCD screen displays as below and the
charge begins, press the [INC] key to activate a recovery charge mode. It is timed for 1 minute.
Press [INC] key to recover low pack voltage. (Timed 1minute)
Checking >>>>
Balancer Data
Li 20.000V 0.00A
Voltage Low Recover [+]

I can't get it to do this what m i doing wrong:confused: