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Posted by frank26all | Sep 15, 2010 @ 11:05 PM | 3,871 Views
heres just a couple updated photos of my passion for helicopters.
Posted by frank26all | Aug 03, 2010 @ 10:00 PM | 3,129 Views
heres a couple pictures of my latest collection of rc helicopters.not pictured are the two I have coming from rcg and ebay. YES I have a heli addiction.
Posted by frank26all | Jul 31, 2010 @ 05:57 PM | 3,399 Views
just recieved my mini titan from a trade on hf,cant wait to get it in the air,just need a good gyro and I'm ready to fly.I only wanted this heli so I could put together an apache attack helicopter or cobra,I guess both require the mini titan e325.
Posted by frank26all | Jul 30, 2010 @ 08:32 PM | 3,111 Views
heres a couple pictures of my trex 450 xl with the align md500 e fuselage.
Posted by frank26all | Jul 25, 2010 @ 07:01 PM | 2,968 Views
here it is,my very first 3d move,it made me nervous as hell but I did it and I didn't crash considering the wind was blowing pretty hard.
trex 450 pro (1 min 5 sec)

Posted by frank26all | Jul 25, 2010 @ 06:59 PM | 2,957 Views
heres a video of my 450 pro.
trex 450 pro (1 min 20 sec)

Posted by frank26all | Jul 19, 2010 @ 07:25 PM | 3,089 Views
heres another short clip of my hk450,as you can see my skills have progressed to the point where I can do circuits and figure eights without crashing,I can even nose in hover now. I guess mild 3d is next.
hk450 (1 min 24 sec)

Posted by frank26all | Jul 16, 2010 @ 10:00 PM | 3,356 Views
heres my 450 xl I got from my friend jason from backwoods rc.
trex 450 xl (2 min 14 sec)

Posted by frank26all | Jul 10, 2010 @ 08:17 PM | 3,640 Views
just built this really cool flatana plane,it flies really well for 35.00 but the wing breaks apart from the fuse really easy during a landing and the landing gear is a little weak but the flight characteristics are amazing and it has great control.
flatana (2 min 7 sec)

Posted by frank26all | May 31, 2010 @ 11:42 PM | 3,535 Views
heres another short clip of my trex 600,video quality is a little better.
trex 600 hughes md500 (4 min 36 sec)

Posted by frank26all | May 29, 2010 @ 09:36 PM | 3,427 Views
just a short clip of me flying the radix 3d foamie biplane,the wind was a little strong so it made it hard to fly.
radix 3d biplane (1 min 34 sec)

Posted by frank26all | May 23, 2010 @ 09:57 PM | 3,770 Views
ok,I know this has nothing to do with helis or planes but I picked up these little trains at a local flea market and was wondering if anybody knows where I can find a forum where people collect and trade these miniatures.
Posted by frank26all | May 22, 2010 @ 06:36 PM | 3,279 Views
heres a short video of a lama coaxial helicopter that I got from my friend jason at backwoods rc.
lama (3 min 9 sec)

Posted by frank26all | May 22, 2010 @ 02:31 PM | 3,322 Views
heres a better quality video I took of my hk450,and I didn't crash it like my blade 400.
hk450 (2 min 18 sec)

Posted by frank26all | May 22, 2010 @ 01:00 PM | 3,186 Views
well after tracking blades and balancing my blade 400 I decided to give her a spin around the yard,I usually have my expo set at -40 on this heli to give me precise control but when I'm practicing I use +20 to slow it down a bit and keep my thumbs at bay.Well this is what happens when you can't recover fast enough and your tail doesn't react as fast as your thumbs .
blade 400 short flight with crash (0 min 48 sec)

and to top it all off,this is my maiden video of my new kodak camera that I purchased yesterday at a liquidation outlet for 75.00 because the last nice video camera I had I traded for a heli(can you say addict)but it was worth it.
Posted by frank26all | May 21, 2010 @ 10:04 PM | 2,957 Views
I just wanted to take a few pictures with the new camera I bought today at a liquidation outlet for 75.oo . not bad huh cant wait to see the videos it takes.
Posted by frank26all | May 15, 2010 @ 08:18 PM | 3,350 Views
heres my hughes md500e.
hughes md500 (4 min 8 sec)

Posted by frank26all | May 15, 2010 @ 02:18 AM | 2,895 Views
ok,here it is the md500e with my trex 600 stuffed inside,it's not finished,I just wanted to see how everything was going to fit and make sure the cg is ok.just a few more minor details and it will be ready,I flew it today and seems to be ok.just have to fine tune everything.
Posted by frank26all | May 14, 2010 @ 07:04 PM | 3,024 Views
ok,heres my fuse thanks to zo6 tony I now have a cool md500e fuselage.
Posted by frank26all | May 12, 2010 @ 07:42 PM | 2,935 Views
heres the latest additions to my rc addiction,the 3.3 tmaxx and hpi e savage,I would sell or trade any or all of these ,If you see something you like holler at me.