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Posted by frank26all | Jan 31, 2013 @ 01:24 AM | 4,055 Views
I wanted to take the time to share with my friends here on rc groups what I have done to make my rc life easier,my trailer isnt very big so I had to incorporate some very unique ways of storing my vessels,the large pitts hangs vertical to eliminate the need of having to remove my wings everytime Im done flying,the helicopters were the easiest to position,I simply took a 2x4 a little longer than than the width of my landing skids and bored a hole for the end of the skids to slide into,theres foam on the vertical stab just to keep it safe from bumps and bruises,the most interesting and unique part of my trailer is my charging station,my field where I fly doesnt have electricity for the electric guys to charge our batteries so i have installed an 8d large capacity battery under my workspace and to keep it alive I also installed a 20 watt solar panel on the roof along with a control panel inside to optimize charging and prevent overcharging.
Now what I have is a mobile charging station that i dont have to maintain,the sun does it for me,for any info on my setup just send me a pm and I will be glad to help anyone with the products and where to buy from,the solar charging system cost around 75 bucks, the 8d bus battery cost 140(I have friends at o'riellys autoparts). thanks for looking.I also added some very cheap led lighting for enhanced ambience but It also puts off enough light to see very well even in the daylight...
Posted by frank26all | Jan 21, 2013 @ 10:38 AM | 4,035 Views
Heres a short video of the second flight of my 50cc pitts electric conversion running on 12s.
50cc pitts python electric conversion (2 min 42 sec)